Changing the Face of the Garden

We hired a guy with an excavator to help us remake the garden. The third of an acre we use as a garden and which was a truck garden decades before we moved into this house slopes slightly to the north. It has been overgrown for years, even the part that we had used as a market garden fifteeen years ago. The wild plum thicket betwen the garden and the house had been spreading unchecked for the twenty years we have lived here. The Farm Lane that was once a road to the back of the asture and into the woods had been unkempt and slowly sinking into the dirt. And the barn we plan to build in this coming year needed a flat place to be built on. All that, and we were hoping for a pond.

We hired Jim, a local guy, for ten hours, which was ample for what needed to be done. He did an superb job leveling the barn and garden pad (where we may build a second greenhouse) and an interesting job on the pond. We aren’t sure he’s dug a pond before, and we weren’t able to be here when he was doing it. But we will make it work.

Dad measuring and marking for the excavator.


Johann on the farm lane, which is partially obscured by the plum thicket.


Johann in the weeds by the greenhouse. Easily four to five feet tall!


Jim, the guy on the ground, was our operator.


The Farm Lane open again. We can now drive into the garden.


The Excavator was able to uproot entire trees.


The biggest Rocks from the garden became a play structure.


The first day the kids (and Dad!) were glued to the action.


First day of excavation.Looking down at the lane and barn pad, which abuts the lane.


The leveled pad for the garden, and possibly future greenhouse.


Smooth and runnable!


Pond puddle. It's about ten feet deep, but not much wider than that.


Looking from the pasture up to the road, now an open area easy to navigate and build on.