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Choices for Readers

It’s a fresh bright shiny new week… so why do I feel like I’ve been dragged through a keyhole backwards? I’m facing a week of abnormal schedule, and heavy homework and… So what do I decide to do? Looks back at the words she’s written. Abuse the ellipsis, it seems.

Seriously, though. I have two stories I want to publish. One’s space opera, written about a dozen years ago, story of a young woman fighting for and gaining her freedom. The other is technically YA, as the protagonist is high-school aged, and also a space opera, albeit smaller in scale, and with aliens. Which would you prefer to see first? I can’t do both this month. Your choices are Warp Resonance, or Girl-Bug-Cat. Pick one, and I will create the cover and get it published.

I also have another short, one that I think won’t sell, and so here’s this: would anyone like a short story free on the blog? It’s another oldie, written for my kids when they were younger. Based on the, er, lack of performance of both Twisted Breath of God and Fairy Little Sister, I’d say short children’s e-fiction doesn’t sell well. Nothing wrong with that. I can give things away, too. I like sharing my work.

I am still hacking at the end of Dragon Noir, starting school was like smashing into a brick wall when it came to my writing. I am whittling away at it, but this week is going to throw yet another monkey wrench into the works. Honest to Pete, I don’t know if this will affect the planned release date. I hope not. But I have to work on homework first, and only then can I spare brain cells for the creative stuff. Sadly, this often means I’m too tired to make it work. But I’m not stopping altogether like I did last semester. I’m keeping at it.

I will continue with snippets on schedule. I will keep writing, and I will keep publishing, even if it’s shorts and odd freebies on the blog. Not to mention the daily posts I am maintaining. A couple of months and I will have 1000 blog posts on this blog. Pretty amazing, that. The First Reader is helping out this week, you can expect to see something from him at least once. I’ve committed to a Wednesday appearance at the Otherwhere Gazette, you can expect a link, and maybe a funny, on that day. I don’t know how many of you follow links when I do that… Hopefully some of you bother.

And it’s a bright shiny day. There’s coffee. And the cardinal is visiting my birdfeeder, so I am happy. Now, to get more organic chemistry homework done!