Christmastime is here again

we decorated the tree finally last night! The tree is a colorado spruce Grampa planted in the garden a while back and it had gotten too big – we had to cut it in half to get it in the house! We had planned on having it up last friday but with the ice storm it got frozen to the driveway and it took a couple of days to thaw it out and get it ready! LOL oh, well. The kids had a blast decorating it. We’ve had small trees for a couple of years now, because of the baby. But he is finally old enough to leave it alone (mostly) and even helped put ornaments on it. The girls love doing this, and we watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas while we put them on, and drank egg-nog. 

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  1. Hi, I’m at work, at the church — Grandma Kemnow was just here, and I showed her the pictures! Has Dad shaved his beard?! Give the children hugs for us, please!love, Mom

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