Coffee Drinkers and Bacon Lovers: Have we gone too Far?


I rarely take the teen wonders shopping with me these days. We do a lot of online shopping and then I’ll swoop by to pick up the order. For one thing, as my First Reader points out, it’s expensive to take them into the store. Whether he believes it or not, I really do say no. Often. But sometimes things wind up in the cart that weren’t planned. 

Rarely, though, are they as accidentally hilarious as this miscommunication. We were walking down an aisle, the Little Man pointed this out, I looked at it and said ‘dear Lord, what will they think of next? The First Reader (no, I do not call him that out in public) would not like that at all.” 

Somehow, this was misheard as ‘he’d like that’ so when I turned around to get something else, it made it into the cart. And in the chaos of a full shopping run, plus the ability my son has to distract me by trying to make sure he puts all the groceries on the conveyor and shoo’s me off to the side, I missed it entirely. It wasn’t until we were home and unloading that I pulled it out of a bag and started laughing that we all put it together. 

Of course, even after solving the initial mystery of how this had managed to follow us home, I was left with further questions. 

Why?! Why was this even a thing? 

And how on God’s good green and fuzzy earth do you make coffee bacon flavored?! 

The First Reader’s expression on being confronted with it was priceless. I made my colleagues laugh a lot when I told the story at work, and I’ll be taking it to work so we can all try it and see just how awe-full this thing really is. Because… sometimes you just have to share the weird. 



7 responses to “Coffee Drinkers and Bacon Lovers: Have we gone too Far?”

  1. Bacon. Is there anything it can’t do?

  2. If there is something that is well done, someone will over do it.

    Of course, my house we’re still hording the last two wasabi Dorito bags, so overdoing it can pay off sometimes…..

  3. Maranatha Avatar

    Reminiscent of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    It probably will smell good and taste terrible!

  4. The Bubba Man Avatar
    The Bubba Man

    Is it truly awful? I had some bacon flavored hot chocolate once and it was horrid.

  5. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard Avatar
    Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    LOL 😆

  6. Years ago, I delivered (and obtained some for own sampling) some allegedly bacon-flavored ‘mints’. Yes, you could tell that “bacon” was the target flavor and it might be considered a success… but it still just did not work. Whether it was “this can’t work” or the mind screaming “WRONG!” is something I leave to be speculated upon.

  7. Celia Hayes Avatar
    Celia Hayes

    Maple bacon coffee? What about the pumpkin spice-flavored dog treats that I spotted last fall in the pet section at HEB?