Coming Soon!

Sanderley Studios are proud to present two upcoming publications. We’ve been hard at work on them, and it’s finally time to start showing off what’s been happening behind the scenes. Despite the commonalities, these are two VERY different books. 

First up! 

Taskforce CHIWEENIE and the Poultry Liberation Front

Story by Lawdog

Illustrated by Cedar Sanderson

Two extraordinary heroes.
Sure, they may look like adorable chiweenies, but the reality is that only they stand between the world, and…
The Poultry Liberation Front
Follow the adventures of Chuy and Mochi through their slightly exasperated flag officer’s voice as he delivers pithy situation reports while the battlefield unfolds on his front yard.

Add your own color, but keep in mind: the language contained in this coloring book is, well, colorful. We cannot recommend this book for children. Strictly for adult amusement, no matter how cute the pups and chickens are!

And coming on November 20, an anthology. 

Can’t Go Home Again

Men and women who lay their life on the line never escape unscathed, and when the time comes to return home, they find a wall between them, and loved ones. These tales follow those who gather the hope to begin healing, and tearing down the walls that have sprung up between them, and their loved ones. No one ever said it would be easy… 

12 authors, twelve very different stories, but one thread pulls through all of them. Hope. 

Mommy Gone for a Soldier Steven Murphy
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Rick Cartwright
Ghosting Home Becky Jones
The Way the World Ends Fiona Grey
Christmas in the Mountains William Lehman
Empty Chair Ray Krawczyk
The Long Way Home La Vaughn Kemnow
Home for Christmas JL Curtis
Tracking Santa Christopher DiNote
Soccer Mom Cedar Sanderson
Memories, Like Dust D Lawdog
Homeless No More Brena Bock
The Weight of the Past Denton Salle


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  1. It’s worth noting that both Cedar and her grandmother have stories in the anthology, which is rather cool!

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