Cover Reveal!

I’ve been hard at work on the cover for the Tanager’s Fledglings, and I’m finally getting excited for this book. I’ve got three cover versions, below, that are similar. Now, I just have to pick one…


I liked the overlay of the ship on the name, giving it some dynamic dimensionality, but my initial small focus group wasn’t thrilled. Also, see note on the title font below…
Title font is too dark – when I took this down to thumbnail size it disappears. I’ll have to pop it off the art somehow.
Re-aligned ship, brighter lettering, this one might be the final (or close to it).


4 responses to “Cover Reveal!”

  1. Much better. Balanced.
    I feel it needs a human.

  2. Doug Irvin Avatar
    Doug Irvin

    Seems crowded to me

  3. Thomas Monaghan Avatar
    Thomas Monaghan

    I like the 3rd best. A little too much white on Tanager’s and not quite enough on Fledgings.

  4. D Gail Begley Avatar
    D Gail Begley

    I like the third the best, too.