Creating Art

It’s been a couple of weeks since I did an art blog, but today I am trying to catch up from having migraine yesterday, and I do have art to share…

The first is just a doodle piece, which actually started out as half an owl. I don’t know why, I tend to be more comfortable drawing the right half of something, maybe because I am right-handed? Anyway, this little guy began here: Sketch & Paint Online. Then I took my half-owl, with branches and rain (the whole thing is messy, which is why I cut all but the owl) and duplicated it in Gimp, flipping and superimposing until I had a whole owl. He’s on the left. I dicovered that if I tilted that half a bit, I got a similar but different birdie. Slimmer than his brother.

Before the owls, though, there was my first serious attempt at painting with the pentablet.



Basically I was playing with painting clouds, and I’m using a gradient background I generated in Gimp to help me keep my perspective lined up. I can’t seem for the life of me to do precious little details. I’m an Impressionist… But I am happy overall at how this came out, especially given the small amount of time I have put into the learning on the pentablet this summer. big sky




The photograph below was my attempt to create a depth-of-field or bokeh effect with Gimp. I was using a tutorial here, but the effect isn’t quite right. I don’t know if I will bother again with it, it’s an effect I can usually accomplish with the camera even though my Olympus doesn’t allow me to adjust the aperture. Basically, I had an incipient migraine, and couldn’t focus on much, so I was playing with Gimp. Why I can art with a headache, but not write… text is harder than visual, I suppose.