Daily Blather

And Then he Popped Him One

by Sarah A Hoyt

It’s not, you know, that people are less prone to fighting and disagreement. It’s not that people hold fewer grudges. You see them on internet forums pouring out the crazed venom of people who tell themselves they’re too civilized to hit a fellow human.

It’s just that the power of solving disputes quickly (and often physically) has been taken out of the hands of individuals and delegated to the state and, for the very rich, to lawsuits for personal injury.

Reading Rex Stout reminded me how much simpler and more egalitarian it would often be to just pop someone one – right in the nose.

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From the Archives of If You Put It In A Book Nobody Would Accept It

Or: Further Proof that Einstein was Right and Stupidity Has No Limits.

by Kate Paulk

This, my friends, is why we keep saying that fiction has to make a degree of sense and real life does not. Can any of you see any way in the universe where it could possibly make sense that feminists reject transgender folk because they’re not oppressed enough? Leaving aside the little issue that in this part of the world neither is particularly oppressed compared to say… oh… practically anywhere that isn’t a first world Western democracy?

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Re-release of Cat’s Paw

Ignore the cover, first of all. This is a weird, strange, quirky, and ultimately wholly enjoyable tale about an alcoholic junkyard cat who leads a furry band on a quest to stop the end of the world. If you’ve ever wanted to read pratchettian fantasy (totally a thing, right?) from the point of view of a cat, this is it. There’s humor, and pathos, and strangely compelling characters for all they walk on four paws.

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