Darkside Cookies II: The Prequel

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When I started work on the perfect recipe to lure people to the dark side with cookies, I knew it might take a while to get it right. By working off the base of known-to-be-yum recipes, I managed it in two tries.

It’s not that the first recipe attempt was bad. In fact, the First Reader preferred it to the second recipe. The problem lay in the cosmetics – it just didn’t photograph as pretty as the second. They were a lighter brown, and I was aiming for as dark as it gets without resorting to food dyes. But the flavor packs a punch, and they actually have nuts in them, and…

They taste good, they aren’t pretty. But then again, are you gonna look at that cookie, or eat it?

Chocolate cookies
They are flat, and I don’t just mean in shape.


The coffee flavor in this is not predominant, but the flavor is very dark, almost (but not quite) bitter. Like super dark chocolate. The First Reader says they are sweet but not overpowering, excellent chocolate cookies.

We’ll be making these again  – he’s not prone to rave over chocolate recipes!

chocolate cookies
I could dress them up… No?
dark side cookies
Swish, swoosh, zing… The cookie strikes back.


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  2. Reality Observer Avatar
    Reality Observer

    Good timing. November is NaCoBakMo. In this household…

    Does anyone know whether Trader Joe’s carries the espresso powder, though? I am pretty sure that my “normal” chain supermarket does not. (There are not a great number of niche stores down here.) Or maybe recommend a good brand from Amazon?

    1. YOu can get it – or I did, anyway – at Walmart. But this one from Amazon is similar in price and a good brand. Expresso powder is different than instant coffee. http://amzn.to/1MN84Jz