I’m not going to blog much. I was trying to get a mirror-site set up for my business website last night, and inadvertently broke both sites… so that’s what I was fixing this morning. I think successfully. Maybe… >.<

There is so much that goes into working for oneself. This week for me it will be state taxes for the first time, having moved to Ohio this last year from NH, where there weren’t any such things. And, obviously, trying to get the sites set up properly. Without them, I am not going to get new business! I periodically go through all my online presence and update it.

As an author, I took a slightly different approach. I maintain the blog, but not a website, although my publisher has one that is much-neglected. I haven’t bothered with a social media page, just publishing to my personal FB page, twitter, and G+. Because it’s easier, and frankly, I’m going to be lazy on this, as it frees a little more time and energy to edit, write, and create. Which is the important part.

Besides, while the business is a short-term thing, with me looking forward to getting a day job after school is finally complete, the writing and design will endure for the forseeable future. I’m looking forward to having more time for it, in time…

It’s all about time.