I’m having a nothing much morning. Yesterday was a ton of fun, but long, and tiring, and by the time evening rolled around I was completely wrung out. This morning I rather feel like a limp dishrag. Part of it is likely the heat and humidity. And I know some of it is the workload I am juggling.

I wrote a little for Mad Genius Club, on injecting humor into a story, and various other random thoughts.

I found a field trip I’d love to make… sigh.

Angry bears and city boys?

I wrote about 1900 words yesterday, which is the most wordcount in a day since I finished The God’s Wolfling. I’m debating between publishing a short story this month, or a collection of my short works, which would likely happen next month, since I’d go through and edit, then add bits of ‘buffer’in between them to keep you, my readers, from suffering mental whiplash.

I will be putting up a bunch of pictures from yesterday’s adventure later today…  Here you are, have fun. I know I did!

Yellow rat snake
The author meets a new and interesting creature.