December Artfully

I’ve decided I’m going to create art every day in December. For one thing, that gives me an out if I’m too busy to blog (sorry, but reality is that I’m going to attempt a full-length novel between Dec 11 and Jan 26, plus a ten day trip to visit family on two coasts). For another, it’s sure to be good for me. Builds character, and all that rot. Right?

So without further ado, the art from yesterday (Dec 1) and today. The art yesterday was created in Adobe Illustrator using the touchpad on my laptop just before class started. I was bored, and wanted to see what I could do… turns out, not much. But I thought it was interesting, if nothing else.

Blue Dancer

Then today, in criminal justice class, I was doodling dogs, because my son recently asked me if I would illustrate a story he’s planning to write. It’s about dogs, I gathered, and a flagpole, and a bully, and there’s a poodle named Fifi. I don’t know if I’m up to it, but I will try not to disappoint him. These are done in a sketchbook with ultra finepoint Sharpie, which I likely won’t use again, I don’t like the way it smells. Or at least not in class. Also, I generally prefer to pencil, then ink, rather than skip that first (erasable!) step.