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Desperately Seeking Coffee

I have coffee, it’s just that the pot is taking an awfully long time to bubble through for me this morning. In the mean time, I’m bumbling through a list of what I need to get done today. At 6 pm this evening I complete my semester with a Cultural Anthropology exam, and a ten minute presentation on Trickster Gods. I’m planning to blend storytelling and exposition to talk about why almost every culture has a trickster in their mythos. Given that Coyote was a character in Vulcan’s Kittens, Raven is a major character in Pixie Noir, and there will be a trickster in the Sequel with No Name (the second book in the Vulcan’s Kittens trilogy), I’ve already been researching them for my writing. A nice bit of multi-tasking.

Tomorrow I have my very first authorial Reading and Signing (I know that shouldn’t be capitalized, but I feel like it has Import. And no coffee yet, so, yeah…) from 3-6 pm at Mansfield’s Books in Tilton. I have 24 copies of Vulcan’s Kittens, and hopefully they will all find good homes so I don’t have to move them!

This weekend I am appearing at the Watch City Festival a steampunk event in Waltham, Mass. I’ll be offering face and body art from my booth, and yes, will be in costume! That was fun to put together.

So… I’m a busy lady. I have my ASM post ready, as it’s an interview with an author, but you may not see me here, although I may drop by to put up a photo or two from the reading and other events.

victoriana old-fashioned Lady
My costume, sans accessories, for the steampunk event.