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You don’t realize how much your characters talk until you have to verbally affirm all the necessary punctuation. My characters talk, like, a lot. Chatty blokes. I’m seriously wondering if I can get away with a lot more description of setting, or something because man! 

I’m dictating on my commute for the bulk of my daily words, but the best way to feed audio to Dragon Naturally is via spoken punctuation. And a whole lot of editing afterwards when you are looking at the weirdness Dragon put out of your perfectly rational words. It’s awkward, but it’s still faster than my sitting here typing, especially in the evening when my family would like to talk at me. I’m training myself. Maybe someday all this speaking of commas, periods, and the never-ending begin quote talk here end quote new line begin quote... 

Still worth it. I just wrapped up an 11K word short story last night, and I am chugging along on the two major WIP. I’m contemplating an open call for an anthology that tickles my fancy (and meets the criteria of ‘could I sell it myself if it doesn’t fly there?) and have a story roughed in my head for that one. Need to go back and look at wordcounts. I can write to spec. Just sometimes things ambush me with novels unless I fight them off hard enough. 

Speaking of! The new anthology I’m in, Supernatural Streets, is on sale today until this afternoon for 0.99$ and it has Child of Crows, the next bit of Amaya Lombard story. Go pick it up!

It’s already the number 1 new release in fantasy anthologies. I’ve been seeing a lot of compliments on that cover, but I’m trying not to get a swelled head. I’m really happy with my work on it, though. 

That makes the second little orange banner for me and mine in as many weeks. Huh. Maybe I should keep doing this writing thing. 

So I’m off to work, and then working on editing The East Witch. Getting some excellent beta feedback on that book, which seems to not be as broken as I thought it would be. It does need work – I knew that. But my editor is already telling me I ‘write clean’ and it looks like the additions I need to make are not going to be extensive. 

Yay! This is a good day for a writer’s spirit. I feel like I can do this!

Lemme enjoy the feeling. It gets more words for you. Shhhhh… 


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