Different kind of morning

Pippa and Glady are home today for the morning -they both have dentist appointments a little later. Johann is delighted to have sisters here to pal around with. He doesn’t like being alone, and will often ask them in the mornings to please stay home today. I can hear them out at the kitchen table playing with legos. I gave them my regular size legos that I had bought myself in college a week or two back. They have a huge supply of duplos, the toddler size version of legos, but there is just something cooler about the regular ones! They think it is funny to be playing with toys Mama bought for herself when she was s grown-up. Phil and I got them little packs with men in them, pirates and cops, wince they didn’t have many guys. Dad was pointing out that when he had legos as a boy, there weren’t guys, or much of anything besides the blocks. Today there are a lot of cool gizmos for them to add to their collection.

Speaking of collections, Glady went with us to the Vintage Fret shop earlier this week to pick out her ukelele. She was overawed by all the different instruments. She fell in love with a folk harp that was almost as tall as she is, and with the Double Bass, an instrument almost taller than her Papa! She picked out a pink uke that looks like a mini version of Pinky, Phil’s first uke, and named it Lollipop. Johann got a kazoo, and played it in the car all the way home.