Ok here's what were gonna do



The blog will continue to be largely dormant for another week or three. 

You see, we are having an Adventure. Which, to be honest, are usually best observed while happening to someone else, far away. However, there comes a time in life when you simply must pull yourself up by the rootball and make your way to another place. One where you can grow and thrive. Or something like that, we thought, when the opportunity came up to relocate to Texas. 

Yep, that’s right. We are packing and driving down to Texas this week. The First Reader will fly back up to continue to deal with the Ohio business of houses and such, while I settle into a new job, and the Little Man finishes up with his semester and explores a whole new city. This whole thing has been a madcap whirl of epic adventuring, and frankly, I’m tired. I’ll tell the whole saga once it’s done. Right now? I’m vacillating between terrified and excited. There is a lot of uprooting going on, and it’s a risk. 

The lovely thing? We are leaving behind friends and family, but we are also getting closer to friends and family. The Ginja Ninja has been living in Texas since January, and the Junior Mad Scientist will be joining her (and the GN’s fiance, who needs a nom-de-blog) as their roommate to help out with costs. I’ll be able to see certain folks more often, and will have to make the time to visit those I’ve left behind. It’s all good. 

But tonight, I’m going to crash. The Big Truck is mostly loaded, but the ETD tomorrow morning doesn’t give me a lot of time to finish all the things… 

Springtime in North Texas is beautiful.



8 thoughts on “Dormancy

  1. Make sure you tell EVERYBODY :
    A. the weather sucks.
    B.Texas is full of inbred. gun-toting, yokels, with the deplorables making up the balance. We’ll leave the country soon, and you dont wanna get involved with THAT pissin’ contest.
    4. If you’ re a female, some hidebound Neanderthal will feel compelled to remind you of his innate supremacy by opening a door, or worse, tipping his hat to you.
    5. Even a BLACK man (horrors) might do #4, without calling you a bitch or Ho.
    6. Cable and the Net are subject to intentional outages on Sundays, to remind everyone to go to church.

  2. I’m looking forward to tales of the adventure, and I’m sure it will be a moving experience!

    Good luck.

  3. Make sure you pay attention to and get regular service done on the AC. Have fun. We’ve done well in Kansas but Texas is the bug out option if things go to heck here.

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