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Double Batman: Tea and Game Review

Some of you may remember back to our first tea-and-game review, where we were reviewing a Batman game, and a tea. I’d commented that I didn’t think there was a Batman tea… and of course, someone proved me wrong, and found one!

I was a little dubious, but the Ginja Ninja wanted it for her birthday (which isn’t yet but this wasn’t a surprise, anyway). So I ordered the sample tin (so at least she’d have the tin if the tea was terrible). The game we already had, but it seemed the logical choice for playing while we sipped Batman Tea, and besides, we haven’t reviewed a FLUXX variant yet (we own several, including the original).

FLUXX is the game with ever-changing rules, and the Batman variant takes that up a notch or two – like Zombie, you have creepers, who alter the game play. But the Keepers and Creepers may also have unique actions associated with them, so make sure you read your cards.

GN: I don’t think the Creepers have actions. I’m going to go read the cards.

Me: While you do that, how about we talk tea?

GN: OK, okay. Um, it was Heaven in a cup? I didn’t like it as much without milk and sugar, but I like most teas better with milk and sugar.

Me: It smells heavenly. The taste isn’t as strong, but it is very nice. A hint of chocolate, vanilla, and nuttiness.

GN: It also has mongolia flowers… some sort of yellow flowers to give it the black and yellow for Batman.

First Reader: Marigold?

GN: Yes, and no, none of the Creepers have special rules. It’s just that if you have a Creeper you can’t win.

Me: Well, you can, but that depends on the goal and the rules.

GN: It does, and it says that on the card as well.

Me: So how playable is Batman FLUXX compared to regular FLUXX?

GN: About the same playability, just a little more rules.

ME: I find that it can be really complex at times. Unlike FLUXX, I only want to do one round at a time, usually.

GN: Yeah, then again, we haven’t played multiple rounds of any games recently, so that could be because you’re getting old and tired.

Me: Hah! You try getting up for work on Monday morning, chicklet.

GN: I will, but no one will hire me. I applied for like six jobs.

Me: We’ll keep working on it. And you have Batman tea now!

Tea, cards, and fun times.

GN: I do, and I want more! All the Batman tea.

Me: So what’s the best part about this game?

GN: It’s based off the second Batman the Animated Series collection. It’s the one with Tim Drake, he’s my baby. I love the art style, it’s got Batgirl and Barbara Gordon. I love the art style of the characters.

Me: So what do you love about this tea?

GN: Everything. Except one thing! On the website, Batman was shipped with Flash! It’s WRONG!!!! (seriously, I need that many exclamation points to convey her tone). There are so many wrong ships on that site! But for real, it’s just… nope. I can’t. They coulda done SuperBat. But no, they had to do Batman and Flash. Batman and the child! Nooooo….

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  1. Loved hearing about this one. We enjoy trying different versions of Fluxx in our rare game nights. When you decide which one is best, let us know.

    I think one of our favorites in the Wizard of Oz. Enough association to the original, enough complexity, not overly complicated.

    Tell the Ginja Ninja to keep trying to find the job, don’t get disappointed, and to keep up the participation in blogs and other things. Her efforts are appreciated and will take her places she didn’t realize she wanted to go in years ahead, but will be glad she did.

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