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Eat This While You Read That: Dan Hoyt

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I was privileged to read Dan’s debut novel, Ninth Euclid’s Prince, in the beta stage, and it’s a fun romp into Space Opera – almost literally, with a setting that is as dramatic as any Italian stage. One of the things you will find in the book (along with Byzantine intrigue, high fashion, and a sly romance) is food. So I knew I’d get something interesting when I talked to his wife, Sarah Hoyt, about food. Dan doesn’t cook, and had a moment of what? and then sent me to Sarah when I asked for a recipe. Sarah informed me that if it has peanut butter in it, Dan will eat it. He loves that Thai peanut chicken, she told me.

Dan Hoyt
it is as quirky and enjoyable as the title promises.

Aha! so do I! And I have made Satay in the past, it’s a great meat-on-a-stick option for the grill in summer, and to give the kids a thrill at any time of the year. Put it on a stick, and they will eat it. Peanut satay can be very easy – buy a jar – or slightly more difficult to make from scratch. But it is always tasty. So pick up a copy of the book, you’ll have plenty of time to kick back in your lounger and read while you relax after this light summer meal.

Peanut Satay
Prepping the chicken, and the marinade.
peanut sauce
All the ingredients for the dipping sauce…
flexible measuring spoon
A handy kitchen tool, it pushes out sticky things you have to measure with no muss nor fuss. Honey and peanut butter, in this recipe. You can set it to the amount you want, then push it out into the bowl.
Messy sauce!
Messy sauce!
chicken satay grill
Grilling the chicken skewers.
peanut sauce
The finished sauce! So savory and yummy.
Chicken Satay
Peanut dipping sauce, chicken satay, and cucumber salad.

You can find the index page for ETWYRT here. 


3 responses to “Eat This While You Read That: Dan Hoyt”

  1. The thing I hate about this dish is the time it takes to drill all the holes in all the peanuts, so they’ll fit onto the sticks. Half of them start to crumble as soon as the drill begins to spin . . .


    1. start with raw peanuts and a really small drill bit… LOL

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