Eat This While You Read That: JL Curtis

While most of the authors I talk to and ask to participate in ETWYRt are science fiction or fantasy authors, not all of them have to be. I read and enjoy many other genres, like JL Curtis’s books. The Grey Man is a little hard to quantify, beyond ‘action’ because they aren’t quite military and they aren’t police procedural although they have elements of both. They are definitely written by a gun-nut, though, with excellent descriptions of weapons and training that don’t take away from the stories.

grey man

The first book in the series was fun, and I just started the third book – I really enjoy his characters, and the way they live, and fight. If you enjoy books with action, honor, family, duty, and dogs, these are going to be right up your alley.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I asked him for a dish, like his main character this is a man who has traveled the world and eaten strange and interesting things. What I got made me hesitate a little, and then realize it’s surprisingly good – and even tastier the next day when you grab the leftovers for lunch!

Garlic Prawn Soup

  • Two cans of good New England Clam Chowder
  • Two small cans of Rotel Tomatoes
  • Two cloves of garlic (to taste) finely chopped, browned in a little olive oil
  • ½ lb shrimp peeled/deveined not frozen. I like to use 13-20lb size.

    If you buy frozen shrimp – which I had to, in Ohio – thaw and peel before cooking.

Brown garlic, add clam chowder and tomatoes, simmer for 20 minutes over low/med heat, stirring occasionally. Bring to high heat, add shrimp, cook until shrimp are nice and pink (5-7 min normally) Black pepper to taste. Serves three, with a little left over… It’s kinda spicy, so if you don’t like spicy, replace the two cans of Rotel with one can of regular diced tomatoes. I call it garlic prawn soup- In reality I created it in college, when I was broke, hungry, and that was what was left in the pantry/fridge… But I’ve been serving it to folks for 40 years without any complaints.

Garlic Prawn Soup-1
I don’t know that brands matter, but for the clam chowder I didn’t want to do a condensed style, I don’t care for it.

Cedar’s note: I sauteed some finely chopped onion up with the garlic. I also used smaller shrimp, as they were on sale – I figured that fit better with the spirit of the dish. I served this along with hot fresh cheesy breadsticks and it was a lovely warm soup, thick enough to be filling, spicy enough to add heat without taking away from the flavor. It was so quick and easy to make, I will definitely be doing this one again. 

onion and garlic-1
Sauteeing onion and garlic in a little olive oil. Adds so much flavor to the canned soup.

The First Reader’s comment is that this wasn’t his cup of tea, but it was very edible. I don’t mind: more for me!

Garlic Prawn Soup-4
Thick, creamy soup and breadsticks. Yummy winter evening food!