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Firstly, thank you to my readers for their patience, I’m afraid that my schedule is going to remain loose for a while as I’m focusing more on school than the blog. But I have to keep cooking, so cooking with a dual purpose is good!

Stryder Dancewolffe gave me a rough sketch of a recipe and I have done my best to color it in while keeping it close to her intent. It’s a fairly easy meal and I’ve chosen to keep it low-carb in her a universe

While you are prepping, be sure to pick up one (or more!) of Stryder’s books. She and I had a fun moment a few years ago where we both released stories titled Snow Angel with similar themes. For a longer, deliciously creepy tale, Build-A-Universe is her latest. If you enjoy psychologically astute stories with a deep human tenderness and understanding, you might like her work, but it’s not always straightforward and what it seems at first…

Unlike this recipe, which is unexceptionable.

Apple Chicken

Apple Chicken-1
Frying apples in butter in my 12″ cast iron skillet

Browning the chicken. Finishing it in the oven meant it was really tender and juicy.
Browning the chicken. Finishing it in the oven meant it was really tender and juicy.
Mashed Cauliflower really isn't like potatoes, but it's good as itself.
Mashed Cauliflower really isn’t like potatoes, but it’s good as itself.
This is a meal full of umami.
This is a meal full of umami.

Overall this is a rich, subtly-flavored meal. It was very filling, even without much in the way of carbs (I didn’t count. I know the apples contribute some). The apples remained slightly toothsome rather than going all mushy which is why Stryder recommends Granny Smith apples for this meal. The chicken was so juicy, breasts can cook up dry and this was swimming in sauce and butter and more butter… LOL

Apple Chicken-9

I was worried about the color, but the wild onions really helped with that. Fortunately, this is like so many other dishes, better tasting than looking. The apples and onions make me think this would pair equally well with pork. I’d add a hearty dollop of mustard (the grainy brown kind) and mustard seeds to the sauce. But then again, I tinker with most recipes! Hopefully this will inspire you to read a new book and try fruits with your meats.

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6 responses to “Eat This While You Read That: Stryder Dancewolffe”

  1. I know what I’m making for dinner tonight! I have a pork loin in the fridge; I shall contemplate the mustard option. (Saurkraut or salad on the side?)

    1. I’m probably too late, but I’d suggest salad! This is a very rich meal.

      1. Reality Observer Avatar
        Reality Observer

        Looks very rich.

        Trying to decide whether to tinker with the chicken or pork variant first. (I know it won’t be on cauliflower, nobody will touch that here…) I’m thinking garlic mashed potatoes. (Which, of course, makes it not low carb, but what the heck.)

        1. It would work with potatoes – we thought about egg noodles, for another time.

  2. We tried this with pork last night, as Dot said. It needed a bit longer cooking time, but it was YUMMY! I think this will go into our permanent menu rotation.

    1. Excellent! The next meal up in the queue is not at all low-carb I’m afraid. But I will keep working on recipes that can be converted either way.