Eating habits of the very young

Johann is still primarily eating breastmilk. However, periodically I introduce him to something new. He likes the darndest things, too. Last week or so, Sharon introduced him to pickles and he adores them, not that we let him have a lot, but still. He likes Cheerios, of course, and the usual babyfood (mangoes, sweet potatoes, Hawaiian delight… can you tell Grampa was picking the food out that day?). But he also goes for steamed broccoli, and last night fell for watermelon in a big way.

He got three pieces and spent the rest of the meal reducing them to tiny shreds and covering himself in the juice. I think he ate some, but it was hard to tell. It was so hot yesterday that he was dressed only in his diaper, so at least it was easy clean-up. We did figure one other thing out last night – he likes otter pops, but don’t open them first. He chewed on his popsicle like a little wolverine. Phil kept trying to take it away from him – playful – and Johann wasn’t giving it up for anything! When he had turned it back to liquid I put it back in the freezer – he’ll get it back today.

He’s figured out how to access the milk – I was wearing a scoop neck top and he was trying to pull it down yesterday. Little stinker is going to have to find a different way to get his drinks!


2 responses to “Eating habits of the very young”

  1. Of course he likes pickles! Who was the girl who used to go through a gallon jar of pickles in a week, hmm?!?Mom

  2. Ah HA! Now the REST of the story comes out! Should I wonder if it was, ah, CEDAR who likes pickles?? I just gave the boy what he was trying to steal from me! Hey at least I give him the GOOD pickles!!LoveSharon