I had some fun over at the Mad Genius Club taking some time in the Transmogrifier to talk about what Hard Science fiction is, or isn’t. Click on over and spend some time with me clicking inside-outside the box.

We tend to think of science fiction as the realm of outer space, but science covers so many fields, that limits it. We may be on this mudball we call home for a long while yet, although the good people at Space X seem to be working hard on that.

It’s outside my field, though, and that is what I meant. My training, my interests since I was a little girl, have been more about the worlds inside the human body, and the plants and animals we interact with. I love to look at the stars, I have no burning desire to learn the ‘how’ of reaching them. But this doesn’t mean I can’t write science fiction. I just might resort to travel handwavium, in the interests of the story. That, and I prefer to read a story, not a technical manual, when it comes to fiction, so that’s what I write.

People, the final frontier…

Nope, doesn’t sound right. But that did remind me it’s been a while since I read about Hugh Glass. That Bad A** was my big D*mn Hero when I was young. Now, him, I could write into a space exploration tale. Hm…

Orion’s Belt