The Bullies Won

Long Live the Bullies

Who will stand with me for individuality, and freedom of expression?


The bullying started with a ‘reporter’ focusing on an irrelevant detail instead of a monumental human achievement. It ended in triumph for the bullies when the geek who’d been targeted apologized to them in tears, because he was in danger of losing his livelihood if he didn’t kowtow to their desires.

I’m furious. This is simply unacceptable. It is not ok to let the bullies win. I’ve spent years telling my daughters that it’s ok to be different, to not dress like every other girl in school. It’s ok for them to be geeks, to love science, to be in band, to not do what all the cool kids think they ought to do. And now, this comes along and suddenly all the work I have done is set back by the prissy mean girls who can’t stand that geeks are Odds.

My initial comment on this stands.  “Arguing that this is why women don’t go into science is beyond ludicrous. Based on my observations at school, most women don’t go into science because it would mess up their hair and chip their nails, and they went to school where they passed because they were girls, and science is HARD, so they switch to journalism. And the few, the proud, the insanely weird like all the others we know and love in the field, we keep going because Science is cool, and that’s where the boys are (and who wants to hang out with a bunch of girls who are only interested in critiquing your shirt?).”

I bought two shirts today. One is for my First Reader, one is for me. I’ll model it for the blog when it arrives. (Edited to add, the Gunner Gals shirt the scientist is wearing can be found here, I bought that design, and the one pictured below, because spaceships).

And Matt Taylor, I realize you will never see this, or your awesome friend Elly Prizeman who made the shirt for you. But I’m so sad that the bullies took the joy out of your amazing accomplishments, and the pleasure from wearing your cool shirt. I hope someday you can don it again with a smile, instead of seeing the cloud they are raining on you with right now. Philae is a reason for kids to get into science, your shirt is just a great expression of individual freedom.

Welcome, Instapundit Readers! Glad to see you, and thanks for helping me tell the world.

SFnal Shirt
Classic SF, Women who carried rayguns and faced down space monsters. What’s not to love about this?


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  1. Christopher M. Chupik Avatar
    Christopher M. Chupik

    And just like that, a great scientific achievement becomes all about the social justice.

    What a small and petty society they have created.

    1. Yes. One that is full of contradictions and unjust acts.

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  3. masgramondou Avatar

    Note that the pictured shirt isn’t quite this one. Although it is similar (she may have got the fabric from the same place or it be an older version.or something).

    Personal;ly I like the red version better. I’ll have to see if someone will buy it for me as a Xmas present ….

    1. I like this one, too, and no, it’s not Matt Taylor’s shirt. The fabric in his is the same as this shirt, which is the other one I bought today. http://www.alohaland.com/pinup-girls-guys/new-gunner-girls

      1. I like it, but, y’know, too many girls; not enough guns.

      2. That shirt is now SOLD OUT. So that’s how much it’s hated. 🙂

        1. Woohoo! I got one before they were gone!

        2. The shirt wasn’t hated for itself but where and when it was worn. Women who chose to wear the kind of clothing worn on the shirt (and lets face it real superhero women do not wear that to actually fight in unless some amazing unreal tech makes it bullet proof and warm/cool at the needed times) would not chose to wear it in the situation that this shirt was worn in, kick ass though they might be. And there are very few employers who would accept their wearing it either. Or, for that matter, a shirt covered in Chippendales in tighty whiteys and fetish gear.

          1. Which is why so many people were talking about how that shirt is the reason women don’t pursue STEM degrees.

            Seriously, you guys need to get your stories straight.

            1. So… This Aran guy couldn’t argue you down on your own blog, so he bounces over to Cedar’s, a woman’s… so he can scold her for her opinion.

              I like how this …thing.. is fighting for the women… by screaming at the women who disagree.

              Also, the idiot has no clue. Tighty whiteys are not what the Chippendales would wear (very few men look sexy in tighty whiteys. Colored briefs and boxer briefs are more flattering to the men.) They wear more speedo type g-strings. Because women who watch them like to see their toned rears.

              Well, at least, that’s what they were wearing when I looked up what they were several years ago.

            2. All Aran could manage over at my place was a drive by. Not sure if he/she will be back later or not, but I hope he/she has the story straight by then.

              I’ve found that when they can’t settle on a narrative, it’s because they don’t really know why they’re upset.

            3. Remember, it’s never reasons, it’s feels.

              That’s why they don’t HAVE a reason at all.

            4. Of course.

              And really, their feelz is all that matters. Of course, I’ll never understand feminists until something I don’t actually care about. *shrugs*

              I guess I’ll learn to live with that.

            5. I realized it was all about petty revenge when I had a panel of fugly old angry bitches hector an auditorium full of pretty young college students that beautiful women could NEVER be true sisters of feminism, because ‘their beauty meant they were always given favors by the patriarchy, no matter what they did.’ They stopped very short of outright saying but implying heavily, with the same evil delight that RH did, that if they perhaps went and destroyed their beauty, they might be considered being dedicated enough for the sisterhood.

              THAT was and IS feminism.

            6. Yet another reason I just can’t give a damn about what modern feminists want.

            7. sanfordbegley Avatar

              What modern feminists want is a real man of their own. Since they know they will never get one they settle for what they can get and attack every one and everything about real men and the women that can get them. Sad thing is that they’ll never realize it isn’t their apperance that keeps real men from wanting them

            8. Which is why so many people were talking about how that shirt is the reason women don’t pursue STEM degrees.

              I’ll repeat what I’ve said elsewhere: If these Delicate Flowers are so intimidated by a shirt featuring scantily (and not all that scantily at that) clad women that they are kept out of STEM fields, then how in the world will they ever manage a thesis defense?

            9. That’s probably the next thing. The thesis defense process is sexist because the special snowflakes can’t handle it.

            10. sanfordbegley Avatar

              Look little girl, go get your meds straightened out. adults talk in here and children should be seen and not heard

            11. Oh, wow. Ouch. Some anonymous schmuck on the internet thinks I’m ugly. How will I go on? [/eye roll]

            12. Troll, troll, troll your boat, gently down shit creek.

              You’re not even an interesting troll. I’ve had nose hairs more interesting than you.

          2. You lost me at “real superhero women”.

  4. well…if you WANT him to see this..I can fix that for you Cedar.

    1. Matt Taylor? Well, yes, but the poor man is likely stressed at the moment.

  5. Another source for epic shirts similar to that one. Also a woman owned business.


  6. Love this.. thank you for writing it!

    1. Some things have to be said. It’s art. I like cheesecake, and huh, I’m a girl. What was important was what the team did, and you know what doesn’t even get mentioned? The team leader is a woman.

      1. Wow… I’m going to add that little snippet of information on my post! thanks!

  7. I just have to have the writing career work, because I really don’t think I could live with a job where I’d have to apologize for offending these special snowflakes.

    Instead, I prefer to go out of my to offend them. After stunts like this, they freaking deserve it. That shirt wasn’t hurting a soul. Claiming it’s why more women aren’t in science is like saying World War II nose art is the reason there weren’t more women bomber pilots. The two have nothing to do with one another.

    1. I’m thinking your response would probably resemble fighting an octopi with power tools…

      1. There’s a lovely mental image.

      2. That’s a disturbing visual in the most awesome way.

      3. Jack Nichols Avatar
        Jack Nichols

        Cthulhu comes to mind… 🙂

        1. We have the Correiaken for that. Wields tetsubos though, not power tools.

  8. I believe the proper response to this should have been a presser alright. but not for an apology. I believe my response would have been summat like teh following

    “Hmmm so my employers were all twitchy and afeared because a small number of people supposedly of the fairer sex, got their panties in a twist over my shirt. Instead of focusing on what the team I’m a part of just accomplished because that’s what this is truly about. Nope you pimples on a donkey’s ass, focus on a SHIRT! A shirt that was custom made for me by a lovely lady friend for my birthday. Let me reiterate this for the hard of hearing and the willfully STUPID! You excretions from a camels stomach focus NOT on the major scientific accomplishment of landing a rover on a COMET, nope. No you want to get offended over a shirt! Why? Well because that’s what you do…you are professional victims taking offense at everything to increase your social media foot print. Whiners and cowards. That’s fine. My employers wanted me to apologize to you weak minded moronic incompetents. My answer to that is NO, if they want to can me for this, because they’re weak willed, well…they WILL have to fire me. But back to those small minded individuals raising the ruckus. Ladies? and I use that term loosely. Go forth and sexually pleasure yourselves with a dildo soaked in ghost chile sauce. You professional leeches. Hmm referring to you as leeches is probably an insult to the leech species but..it’s the best I can do with out delving into the truly profane, and scatological. That is all.

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  10. […] final update 9:15 PM. Cedar Sanderson, who wrote an outstanding post here: Who will stand with me for individuality, and freedom of expression? informed me about this little tidbit of information that seems… I don’t know… […]

  11. Joey McDaniel Avatar
    Joey McDaniel

    This has to be the dumbest outrage I’ve ever read. I feel bad for the guy. He doesn’t deserve to lose his job over is. If I wore that shirt on TV, I’d probably be fired, but I’m a businessman, not a scientist. The pattern doesn’t matter, a Hawaiian shirt is not professional. You should be wearing something classier on TV. I have plenty of shirts I like to wear around the house and on the weekend. I would not wear them to work. I’d feel stupid. If you can’t realize this looks unprofessional, stupid, etc, maybe you should work in academia forever, where walking around looking like some sort of individualist dumbass is actually a benefit.

    1. Here’s the thing, this isn’t the first time he had worn the shirt. It’s likely he didn’t anticipate the filming, as I have seen it said that they were looking to find someone who wasn’t an official spokesperson to talk to, and this guy got picked on, likely because he did stand out.

      Not classy? That’s a matter of taste. As it happens, I’m an artist. I like cheesecake. This shirt meets my approval, but then again, I’m also a freelancer and a performer, have been for years. Just because society likes to stick people in boxes (called cubicles) and dictate what they wear, doesn’t mean everyone has to go along with that.

      1. Joey McDaniel Avatar
        Joey McDaniel

        If he just got picked, I feel bad for him. Like I said, I hope he doesn’t lose his job for this. I severely doubt he’s a misogynist.

        It is a severely stupid shirt to have worn if he knew he’d be interviewed. I like to wear my 80s punk and post punk shirts. You may see me wearing one around if I run in on the weekends or after hours to use some of the things I don’t have access to at home. I don’t wear them to work.

        I dress business casual unless I’m told differently. I sometimes dress business casual even when I’m told professional. Probably not a big deal to most people, but I’ve had complaints. I don’t mean to sound like an ass, but Hawaiian shirts are just ridiculous. You will be taken advantage of in a situition like this by someone dressed nicer than you. I’ve done it before with my boss’ boss. If you can make the person embarrassed about what they’re wearing, you win. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s the way it is.

        1. I sometimes dress business casual even when I’m told professional. Probably not a big deal to most people, but I’ve had complaints.

          That’s because you violated the dress code. Here’s the thing though, no one is saying Matt Taylor violated any dress code. They’re not saying he broke any policy against Hawaiian shirts. They’re saying he wore a shirt that didn’t make them feel warm and fuzzy and that he should be flayed alive (OK, a slight amount of hyperbole there).

          I don’t think Hawaiian shirts are the best choice for a work environment either, but if the dress code allows it, our opinions on that subject are irrelevant.

          1. I posted a follow-up this morning, and did a little digging. It seems that Matt Taylor had gotten in trouble before for his tattoos, and had been asked to cover them up in a previous incident, but also, that his personal style and body-art choices are a signature of his, his way of trying to engage a younger, hipper generation. Given that he was wearing that shirt, I’d say he had at the least implicit permission, if not explicit.

            1. Agreed.

              If they had an issue with his look, they never would have let him get in front of the camera.

            2. Joey McDaniel Avatar
              Joey McDaniel

              Or he got in trouble for his tattoos. Hid them with a hideous Hawaiian shirt, and hadn’t been called on that yet. I feel less bad for the guy now. If I decided to respond to complaints of showing up in a polo shirt by showing up in a money patterned suit, I’d expect to be fired. I might get a lot of joy out of it, but I’d be fired. I’m hoping I’d get the same blogosphere angry reaction, but I doubt that would happen. If I want to quit now, I’ll just wear a suit with some scantily clad women on it. I probably wouldn’t get the same angry reaction on blogs, though. Then again, it’s not like I’m putting a spacecraft on a comet. Those people are beyond our norms and comprehension and should be able to do what they want with no repercussions.

          2. Joey McDaniel Avatar
            Joey McDaniel

            Good to know you would support me being fired for wearing an orange polo shirt to meet with people also wearing Polo shirts, but you don’t see a problem with someone going on tv with a stupid looking Hawaiian shirt that completely distracted from their message. That makes a whole lot of sense.

            1. For the last time. You have a dress code. You admitted you willfully dressed in a manner contrary to your instructions. In other words, you did something other than what you were explicitly told to do. Don’t like it? Get another job.

              This guy wore a shirt that he most likely wore several times before, and similar in style to what he usually wore. While it does appear they asked him to cover up his tattoos and he didn’t, that’s not what he got in trouble over. It was a shirt, and no one has shown any policy over why that shirt wasn’t allowed.

              Now, is there any other area of this that you’re not comprehending?

              All you’ve been doing is injecting your own sense of taste and style, and possibly your employers dress code, into the discussion as if it actually matters.

        2. Believe it or not, there are LOTS of fine Hawaiian shirts that are quite appropriate for business casual, that go just fine with slacks and even a tie and sports jacket if required. They are not all bright and loud, many are quite subtle and done in silk and cotton lawn, some with Oxford collars.

          Heck, the Hawaiians invented the idea of business casual. .

          1. Dad, who attended High school on the Big Island as a military brat, once told me that the way you can tell an original Hawaiian shirt is if the fabric is inside out. Seems the garish trade cloth was a bit much, so they would tone it down by flipping it over and stitching it up that way.

            Personally, I love the bright colors and have been known to perform in a vintage pink-orange-and-yellow floral.

            1. I’ve collected vintage aloha shirts for years, and your dad is spot on. The label saying “Made in Hawaii” is also a big tip-off. 🙂 Also, there are the Tahitian and other bark-cloths and batiks that can be pretty awesome.

            2. My bright pink is a bark-cloth. I scored a nice vintage at the thrift shop a while back with lapels out to *here* and a made in Hawaii tag, but it doesn’t fit either of us 🙁

    2. sanfordbegley Avatar

      Actually you are quite correct and absolutely wrong. A business person or a public affairs person must dress professionally. A technician or other worker? well that depends on the climate where they work. I have workred in places where the employees were told to dress down because suits and full makeup were not appropriate for the warehouse position and the heels were a safety hazard. Other positions all that is worried about is being legal and not distracting your co-workers. The shirt was apparently fine til some bimbo with a camera wanted to feel special. therefore you are correct about business attire and wrong about everything else

      1. Joey McDaniel Avatar
        Joey McDaniel

        Like I said, if he knew he was going to be on TV, that was a stupid shirt to wear. If people are going to be distracted from your message by looking at your shirt, you shouldn’t be wearing it on TV. If he didn’t know, and he liked that shirt, well, they should have picked someone else to talk to.

        1. Joey McDaniel Avatar
          Joey McDaniel

          Btw, if you’ve never been distracted by a stupid shirt your colleagues are wearing, you must be a Vulcan or work somewhere people don’t wear stupid shirts.

          1. If you let a shirt distract you, you must be three years old or have severe ADD. Oh shiny! Squirrel!

            1. Uh, I HAVE severe ADHD, and even I don’t get distracted by shirts unless they have flashing lights or play annoying music.

              Yes, Christmas was hell on my productivity.

        2. sanfordbegley Avatar

          3 to1 they picked him because of the shirt

          1. Joey McDaniel Avatar
            Joey McDaniel

            Do not dabble on the affairs of scientists, because they are not subtle, and quick to wear a shirt with a scantily clad women print on tv and face no repercussions.

            1. sanfordbegley Avatar

              You seem to be a Sniveling Jerk whiner, and you are so full of concern troll BS that your eyes must be brown, go away punk

            2. Joey McDaniel Avatar
              Joey McDaniel

              Well Sanfordbegley, I can’t reply to you. Please explain how I’m a whiner with my brown eyes. That was completely informative.

            3. Joey McDaniel Avatar
              Joey McDaniel

              Perhaps you’d like to think of any ideas contrary to your own are troll?

            4. sanfordbegley Avatar

              Or perhaps you are trying to appear reasonable while repeating the same wrong things over and over, you aren’t even very imaginative.

            5. Disagreeing doesn’t get you labeled a troll.

              The fact that you’re going out of your way to be an ass, however? Yeah, that gets the troll label every time.

            6. Joey McDaniel Avatar
              Joey McDaniel

              Or perhaps you’re a dumbass working in academia that doesn’t have to deal with the real world? If you want to get personal.

            7. Joey McDaniel Avatar
              Joey McDaniel

              I can totally see your self interest if you like to wear sexy women Hawaiian shirts around campus.

            8. Keith Glass Avatar
              Keith Glass

              So what you’re saying is, that because of what he was wearing, he was asking for it ???

            9. Really, he shouldn’t have been there, dressed like that. What did he think would happen?

            10. sanfordbegley Avatar

              He thought he would help land a ship on a comet

            11. Tsk, tsk.

              Clearly he should have understood that he should have dressed in accordance with a standard that doesn’t actually exist. As such, he must have been asking for it.

    3. Patrick Carroll Avatar
      Patrick Carroll

      Dude landed on a comet. In my book, he can wear anything he likes.

      1. Echo, and amen.

    4. You know what? New fisking rule:

      If you help land a space probe on a comet, you get to wear any damn shirt you want to. And no-one gets to criticize you unless and until they have matched the feat.

      “Professional” is whatever the hell the actual professional says it is.

      Because fashion is entirely subjective, changes by the minute, and has no rules based on empirical evidence AT ALL.

      1. preach it pusher!

      2. Yep. And I have been filmed by TV in my usual gear (which is jeans and a casual shirt, not a suit). If I know I am going to be on TV, I pull out the suit.

        I move next time all the guys wear Hawaiian shirts and Utilikilts.

      3. Next Con, hold a “Comet Rocket-Scientist Slut Walk” through the main rooms and halls. Everyone wear as close an approximation to that shirt as they can find.

    5. The guy just landed the probe on the comet, he is the best professional in this profession, so it is up to him to dictate the limits of “professional behaviour”. You either accept him, or get out from the field. At least until you did something comparable.

  12. here’s the thing. people who worry about insignificant things like what shirt to wear on TV don’t accomplish something that no human has ever accomplished ever before in the history of the world. what an embarrassing generation we’ve become.

  13. Xopher Halftongue Avatar
    Xopher Halftongue

    Start an e-mail campaign to the advertisers who support The Atlantic. Tell them to halt their support until bullies like Rose Eveleth are fired from their journalistic positions.

  14. It was a disgraceful and appalling bunch of stupid. Besides, his shirt was kind of cute. The whole incident just infuriated me so I blogged about it too. Maybe next time we can just land some bullies on a comet.

  15. Eamon J. Cole Avatar
    Eamon J. Cole

    They may not read it, but…

    Matt Taylor, you and the whole team accomplished incredible things! Inspiring and fascinating things! Ignore the bullies, they’re small minded and craven.

    Elly Prizeman, awesome shirt! It’s a wonderful celebration of the beauty of women. Wonderful gift for your friend, and I’m glad he wore it on his historic day.

    For the bullies — you don’t want to hear what I think of you.

  16. You know what? New fisking rule:

    If you help land a space probe on a comet, you get to wear any damn shirt you want to. And no-one gets to criticize you unless and until they have matched the feat.

    “Professional” is whatever the hell the actual professional says it is.

    Because fashion is entirely subjective, changes by the minute, and has no rules based on empirical scientific evidence AT ALL.

  17. She’s the same “journalist” who did that horrible Leckie piece last week; the one that Sarah Hoyt and Charlie Martin eviscerated here:


    1. Now that is an interesting bit of data. So… this woman has a history of hiding other women, and jumping on bandwagons to try and get her agenda pushed.

      1. Yep. She is an SJW with no past, no vision, and her mind filled with idiocy. I bet she went after this poor man because he made her feel small. As he should. She is small. Microscopic, in fact.

        1. Based on what I’m seeing, I’m willing to bet single cell organisms make her feel small.

          1. Of course bacteria would make her feel small; they have got culture.

            1. I see what ya did there.

              She probably didn’t, but who cares? 😉

        2. Feminists: ‘Quick! Everyone do what you can to divert attention from the revelation that the Douchebag, Filth-Spewing, “writer” of ‘Requires Hate’ and etc is really our Darling Celebrated Up-And-Coming writer Benjanun Sriduangkaew!!’

          Rose Eveleth: ‘Challenge Accepted!’

          1. Nah. They’re just in a faster and faster meltdown cycle. It’s almost amusing to watch as the screams first got less results and since gamergate get push back, but it’s still ALL they know what to do. So, double down on screaming. More cowbell!

        3. I suspect quite a number of things make her feel small, because she is small.

  18.  Avatar

    The place that sells Gunner Girls still has Tan Sea Sirens.

  19. EndOfPatience Avatar

    The author, for some reason, omitted the names of the contemptible, bullying scum: Chris Plante, Arielle Duhaime-Ross at “The Verge”, joined by Ed Yong and Rose Eveleth, and every other SJW POS who piled on via twitter.

    Oh, and boycott “The Verge”.

    1. I omitted names in this post. I call out Rose in my follow-up. But frankly, this was more about support for the fellow in the shirt than it was about going after anyone in particular. There were too many to name, I just pointed at a behaviour that needs to stop.

      1. Someone started an IndieGogo to buy him a very nice watch, and says they’ll use any extra funds to buy dinner for the whole probe crew. They’re over $7000 last I checked.

        How much to trust an IG funder is your own mileage, of course.

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    My body my shirt

  21. Dave Hall Avatar
    Dave Hall

    I’ve read everything and watched all the videos and come to my judgement: he shall henceforth be known as The Mohican Shirtstorm guy in my memory. Who else thought the chick on the lander control team was hot!?!

    1. sanfordbegley Avatar

      Those women are all geeks, they are all automatically hot, no matter what they look like. Smart is SEXY

      1. Dave Hall Avatar
        Dave Hall

        You’re right. I just peeped at the About option on this blog. Phew! HOT! Thank Carl for smart logical sexy chicks (well, genes and jeans too)!

      2. Dave Hall Avatar
        Dave Hall

        Before I cause a shirtstorm perhaps I should mention I have two daughters. Both are natural ballerinas with very little interest in the science stuff their Mom & Pop are interested in. That’s okay, I love them to bits. Girls can do anything they want in this new world. Yay.

        1. I’m flattered by your comment. There’s a story behind that photo of me. And on the daughters… it constantly amazes me that my four children are so different, each uniquely themselves, and I think two will go into science. The other one is a drummer, and I don’t know yet… and my son is still at the noise with dirt on it stage. It’s for him that I fight against misandry, because I know my girls can do anything. I don’t want him to not have equal chances.

        2. I just feel more comfortable on this blog than on, say, pharyngula at
          http://freethoughtblogs.com/pharyngula/2014/11/12/the-memorable-image-of-the-day-of-the-philae-landing-will-always-be/comment-page-1/#comment-878210. The political correctness there goes too far for me.

  22. Tomorrow, Rose Eveleth of The Atlantic and Chris Plante of The Verge will also reveal how the cultural appropriation of JPL’s “Mohawk Guy” is preventing Native Americans from pursuing STEM careers.

      1. I’m joking. But life is The Onion these days… 🙂

        1. I know! That’s why I wasn’t sure.

  23. A lot of the “he shouldn’t have worn that shirt!” stuff reminds me of an XO we had, that went around during cleaning quarters and threw massive fits because people up to their elbows cleaning didn’t have boots that were well polished and were wearing coveralls, not utilities.

    Also the PR people who throw fits that candid photos of shipboard life don’t look like recruiting posters.

    1. Ow! Make the headache stop! Shock! Shipboard life doesn’t look like a recruiting poster! What are these people, 5 years old?

      The XO doesn’t surprise me as much, but still…

    2. Latrine-cleaning detail, prior to an inspection. Leave the guy in the stall to his business, we’ll finish that last. SGM comes in, yells, “This place smells like a shithouse?”

      I pissed him off with “Um, Sergeant Major? This IS a shithouse.”

      1. This is too funny! Speaking the truth… pisses people off, evidently. 😀

  24. Reading Ms Prizeman’s blog entry at http://ellyprizemanupdate.blogspot.com/2014/11/decisions-and-comments.html I see she’s gotten a lot of supportive comments—including people who want a shirt made by her, not just the almost identical Alohaland version.

    (OTOH, she also got Clamps. 🙁 )

    1. Which one is Clamps, anyway? I’m not up on all the troll IDs.

      1. I think he used the nom de guerre of Daphnis on that post.

        1. Yeah, he’s apparently back to that one. Showed up over at my place with that one as well.

          Wonder what he’ll think of the newest post. I suspect he won’t get the snark.

          1. Which won’t matter. He rarely manages comprehensibility anyway.

            1. True enough.

              The difference between a single cell organism and Clamps? Single cell organisms at least make sense.

        2. Randomly drops the N, too.

          Apparently he hasn’t figured out that his stench matters more than what he “looks” like.

  25. walter daniels Avatar
    walter daniels

    Joey McDaniel, it’s your behavior that labels you. Your, “what you’re wearing is more important than what you *do,*” attitude, is wildly inappropriate in High Tech industries. 30 years ago, H. Ross Perot (yes that Perot) has a “dress code,” for his EDS staff. It was, “Pinstripe suits, white shirt, dark tie, short hair (for men _and_ women), no facial hair, and polished shoes.” Funny ting, no “highly competent, free thinking,” Computer people would work for EDS. None were willing to put up with such “petty bull feces.” He _wanted_, top of the line, highly competent people, what he _got_ was “rule following, mid level,” workers. Companies that said. “We don’t care what length your hair is, what you wear (as long as it fits public decency laws, and doesn’t offend the *clients*), and *do outstanding work.”* Those companies got the “best and brightest.” The same ones that said, “No way” to EDS.
    When you, or any other “corporate clown,” care more about “dress codes” than the quality of work, you have chosen mediocrity.

    1. My husband worked in IT in the Bay Area pre-bust and for computers… if your employee *bathed* it was a bonus. The goatee beard and pony-tail weren’t a fashion statement beyond “I don’t have time to see a barber.” The T-shirts were Vendor Loot.

  26. If a shirt with scantily (and not all that scantily at that) clad babes on it is going to keep some “Delicate Flower” from pursuing a career in STEM, then how are they going to handle something like a thesis defense?

    What that “journalist” was saying, along with everybody who supports her, is that women are too weak to deal with even minor “cheesecake” without having the vapors over it.

    And that is an incredibly sexist thing to say.

    1. Yes, it is. Life is rough, and without calluses to deal with the occasional bumps in the road, you’re going to wind up one hurting puppy.

  27. The reason we don’t need “feminism” anymore, is because no single cause nor interest unites all women. What we have are several dozen (maybe several hundred?) different little versions of woman-ish philosophy and theory, much of it contradictory and/or competing with itself for adherents and popularity. Almost like secular churches proselytizing among men and women alike, for devoutness and followers. Each sect may identify as “feminist” so that if you suggest feminism is irrelevant or problematic, they react as if you’re saying their brand specifically is irrelevant and problematic. When it may not be. I think “old school” feminism that focuses on equality of opportunity and the problem of domestic violence is useful. Unfortunately I think many self-styled media feminists are “new school” and indulge far too much in lazy man-bashing and “speshul” pleading, emotional logic, etc.

    1. I’ve summarized it as having moved past a quest for equality, which is where feminism was born, to seeking supremacy. I’ll have none of the grinding evul men under the bootheel. Although I adhere to many of the tenets of feminism as originally espoused, I will not call myself a feminist.

    2. sanfordbegley Avatar

      Yes we understand you cannot read child, go to your room

      1. It was Clamps, I made it go away.

        1. Awww…I was hoping for a little bit of fun.

          Not that Cramps is any fun. I was hoping we had a new troll.

        2. Aw, that means I’m not going to be able to get a rise out of him with incessant mockery?

          What a shame.

          1. It’s Yama. He’s not rational. He either decides you’re a suitable target– usually for not doing whatever he thinks you should, and that can be extremely strange– or he doesn’t.

            Failing to sufficiently denounce his chosen targets is more than enough to put him in perma-ire.

    3. So, why are you here? Obviously, it isn’t for reading.

      1. sanfordbegley Avatar

        You know the way little children are, they always want to be where the adults are even if they can’t understand what is going on

    4. sanfordbegley Avatar

      Daphne, you are bothering the guests, go to your room

    5. And Freddy thinks women should be able to hit men with their shoes free from repercussions.

  28. Jack Nichols Avatar
    Jack Nichols

    This was supposed to be about science. If you are here for a fashion piece, you’re in the wrong place.

  29. Great response to a mean self-centred pointless act that grabbed way more attention than it deserved.
    I may not be smart enough to be a geek who flies spaceships to faraway comets but I am smart enough to recognise a cool shirt when I see one. So guess what’s now at the top of my Xmas list. I reckon that by wearing a copy of that shirt I’m pushing back against bullies. And ‘ll be cool to boot.

  30. […] the only one who has done that. Far more typical of the Puppies’ views is Best Fan Writer nominee Sanderson, who considers herself a pro-equality, anti-misandry feminist—and who nonetheless got skewered as […]

  31. […] the only one who has done that. Far more typical of the Puppies’ views is Best Fan Writer nominee Sanderson, who considers herself a pro-equality, anti-misandry feminist—and who nonetheless got skewered as […]