Fanboy and Cosplay

Since I promised my younglings cosplay pictures, I took as many as I could. It’s always great fun to see the costumes people dress up in, and the fandoms they pay tribute to!

tionfanboy_-7 fanboy_-8 fanboy_-9 fanboy_-10 fanboy_-11 fanboy_-12 fanboy_-13 fanboy_-14 fanboy_-15 fanboy_-16 fanboy_-17 fanboy_-18 fanboy_-19 fanboy_-20 fanboy_-21 fanboy_-46 fanboy_-47 fanboy_-48 fanboy_-49 fanboy_-50


5 responses to “Fanboy and Cosplay”

  1. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    Good to see that some of the very late middle aged folks are cosplayers.

    There are some very talented and creative people in the cosplay community.

    1. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about working cons with Mystik Waboose. I love to see the cosplayers. And the conversations I have with customers are pretty awesome. Nice to be in a crowd where they all speak your language.

      1. John in Philly Avatar
        John in Philly

        Yes. A couple of years ago, Larry Correia was near us on a book tour. While he was speaking I looked around the room, nudged my wife, and murmured, “These are our people.”

      2. Reality Observer Avatar
        Reality Observer

        Can’t do it myself – but I love to see them, too. Inspector Gadget had to be my favorite of your photos, though. Probably because eldest daughter and I watched that every night (the original one) when she was a little one.

        1. He was my favorite – so well done, very much in-character and funny. He had three or four variations (including stilts!) and was making the rounds all day.