Fanboy Expo and Other Plans

This weekend I will be in Knoxville, working with the lovely Mystik Waboose at her booth at Fanboy Expo. You can find me, my books, and some super geeky t-shirts there all three days. I don’t have a booth number – I’ll try to update that once I know, more likely on social media than here.

Which brings me to my next point. Since I’ll be gone for four days, with travel, blogging may be erratic. I’m scheduling stuff now, to go live each day, and I have a guest post for MGC on Saturday, but I may be slow or non-existent to answer comments. The First Reader might remember to check.

This is more or less what the booth will look like.
This is more or less what the booth will look like.

As I hinted yesterday, I am drawing to a close, or at least a hiatus, with Eat This While You Read That! I have five more weeks of author’s I’ve spoken to and gotten recipes or dish names from, and then I’ll be taking a step back for a while. I’ve sort of run out of authors I was comfortable getting in touch with (I really am shy about these things) and when summer comes to a close, I’ll be embarking on my final semester of my degree. I suspect my time will be very limited this fall, then graduation, then job-hunt… I’m not even calculating in all the variables around family life on top of that. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll simply back ETWYRT off to once a month – had I any idea this would snowball the way it did, I probably would have done that a while ago. It’s been a rush, let me tell you, making pretty dishes sometimes with few cues to go on. Or I may simply stop, for six months, and re-evaluate.

I will always do food blogs. For one thing, we have to eat. It doesn’t take a lot more effort to make the food attractive, photograph it, and write up a recipe. I’m not a super-retentive food blogger who only cooks when the light is right and all the frou-frou settings are perfect – you know that. So for a while the posts on cooking will be more casual. I may go back to making the Simple Life posts a regular feature since a simplified life is what I’ll need once school is back in session. I have some recipes that friends and authors have sent me that didn’t fit into ETWYRT and I’d like to get those in the schedule.

But I’ll try to keep the food blogging to once a week, anyway. I will start snippeting The Tanager’s Fledglings (formerly known as Puppies in Space) tomorrow. The manuscript is by no means complete, but this will give me the added impetus to get it done, get it edited, and get it out. I’m up to 40K as of today, and probably won’t get many words in this weekend! I have some reviews to catch up on, and as I was asked, I’ll be doing more attempts at humorous slice-of-life essays. I’m not going to do a lot of art posts – I know from the hit rate they aren’t popular – but they will happen from time to time.

I’m here to amuse and entertain you, my readers. You tell me what you want. I’m not thrilled about politics, so I don’t usually write about that, but almost anything else is fair game.


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  1. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    Every once in a while, someone will stop me and ask about my Miskatonic University t shirt.

    I also have a Miskatonic University sticker at the top of my car’s rear window.

    A while back my wife and I were driving, and someone behind us starts blowing the horn frantically. We make room for him to pass, and as he goes by he gives a big thumbs up, a huge grin, and points to the back of his pickup truck. He has a big Miskatonic University sticker on his window. Small world.