Farm Pretties

It has been rainy, chilly, busy, and I have been sick. We had a first-time doe kit out last night and she didn’t stay with the bunnies so we lost the litter. Sad, but at least we know that the junior buck is viable. We’ll breed her again in a few days, but if she neglects her litter again she’ll be Stew. You wouldn’t think breeding rabbits would be this difficult!

I’ve taken some pictures I didn’t know where else to put them, so here they are for your enjoyment!

Black butterfly on the honeysuckle


Mock Orange arch over the path to the greenhouse. It smells divine!


Dune and a very indignant robin. The robin's nest is about twenty feet from the cat...


The real marshmallow…


It's a weed, really, but it smells so good.


Hawkweed… a wildflower we have a lot of.