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Finding a New Book to Read

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Looking for a good book for the weekend? My review of Agatha H, Girl Genius books didn’t have you clicking the ‘buy’ button?

I’m going to suggest a couple of places where you can go and find cheap, good reads, and even easier, you can sign up for daily emails of recommendations so you never have to click over to a site when you happen to remember it. I found them when I was looking for places to use as advertisement of my own work, but I’d be remiss in not passing them on to all of you, as well.

The Fussy Librarian is one, which seems to have a lot of books under a dollar, and a good selection of genres you can choose from, so you’re only getting suggestions of books you might actually want to read.

EbookHounds is the other, with a cute puppy who will ‘fetch’ you your next read. I really like the way they jury their books – you have to be a good book to make it onto their shelves. So if you’re looking for quality more than quantity, I’d recommend seeing what Bailey can fetch for you.

Don’t worry too much about overlap between them, there are a lot of books out there, and with that in mind, you can choose to be choosy (now, what Dr Seuss is that from?)

Looking for the book I have on sale? Pixie Noir is $0.99 for one more day, then $2.99 for two days, before returning to the usual price. I’m contemplating a sale on Trickster Noir, as well, to celebrate the release of Dragon Noir. What say you all?