Finish Line


So… I fell short of my goal with the writing Marathon. I didn’t write 30,000 words in the last ten days. I wrote 27998. So close! But my hands are too tired and it’s too late tonight to write a couple thousand words. Just can’t do it. But! I did finish the novel. I hit that part of the goal in three intense days. After that, I was worn out and trying to get a bunch of other stuff done, so I have no qualms about saying I did exactly what I wanted to do, even if the numbers weren’t quite there. 

It was a good week. The Little Man turned 15. We got down to see Mom, which was important because the girls haven’t seen her in a while… and the Ginja Ninja is about to spread her wings and soar to a new state and a new adventure. It might be a while before she can come back and it won’t be the same. I’m having a little pang at letting my baby fly away. But it’s time, and it’s what she needs and wants and… and I did it too at her age. So I know that it’s an important part of growing up. Doesn’t make it easier to let go. But it will be wonderful watching her build her own life and nest. 

My take on the Lazy Woman’s marketing is proceeding slowly. As it should. Ok, yes, I did just spend two solid days on graphic design. Not only for me, but for clients. I have a cover for the new novel (woohoo!) and also new covers for the Pixie for Hire series that look smashing if I do say so myself. It’s been seven years since Pixie Noir came out, and the cover was not aging gracefully. I’m so happy to have a fresh new look, and hopefully as the new book is a standalone in the Underhill universe, it will spur sales of the trilogy. 

And I should put Pixie on sale soonish. Coordinated with release of the new book. But first! I must dive into revision. So not my favorite. But The First Reader and I are working on the other project. I’m still writing Hatrack. Now that the novel is done, I’ll dive into Tanager. Oh! And I discovered something. If I transcribe my dictations, it runs about 100 words per minute of me talking. Which means that if I could talk through most of my commute I’d be up 3000-4000 words a day. 

I’m going to need to do hand exercises!