First Fruits

And the first harvest from the garden is gathered, in the gust front of the coming storm. 

I do love a thunderstorm sweeping in, the rush of wind ahead of it tearing leaves from trees and tossing them like confetti. I’d gone out to walk the property and make sure all the doors were closed (with two shops, plus the storage shed there were two that were not) and was reminded that the sugar snap peas needed to be harvested. So I stood there, barefoot, filling the edge of my skirt with peas. 

I’ve done this before. Storm, barefoot, garden… it’s like a tiny spot I can stand in, and feel myself stretching back and forth, timeless. 

I’d planted the peas far too early. February 4th, they went into the cold wet soil of the raised beds. It’s been three months, and only because it was too early, they were so slow to germinate I’d almost lost hope, and was planning to sow again, when they finally emerged. That, and I could have harvested the first peas at least a week ago, maybe longer as I realized tonight that some were hiding and there were many, many more than I’d seen at first! 

I noticed the peas emerged on February 21

I have enough peas for a meal, now! Of course, tomorrow I’d planned Red Beans & Rice, so I’m not sure how I’ll segue these into that. Maybe I’ll save them for Tuesday, and have them with the ham. That’s probably the best meal to make them up with, fresh and green and just lightly steamed with a touch of herbed butter. Yum. Unless, of course, the menfolk nibble them raw from the bowl on the counter. In that case, I’ll have to go pick more, because there will be more ready in a day or two. 

This is why I garden. I can’t grow enough here, with my limited time and energy, to support us. I can grow some things that are delicious, and get the reward of bringing in the fruit of my labors to see my family eat them up.