Fish for Breakfast

You don’t get fresher than that fish

Yes, earlier this week I did eat a fish patty sandwich for breakfast. It was pretty tasty, something the First Reader had made the night before, and the extras were handy in the frigerator when we had a hectic morning. It wasn’t by choice, mind you, but we didn’t really have time for even our usual two eggs medium and toast.

Everyone has days like that. I try to plan ahead for them, and anticipate those days when I will only be in the house briefly, with slow-cooker meals. Also, I keep a stash of frozen meals for days when there is no time, or no energy. We have a little chest freezer that I am slowly filling with goodies. I should probably do a modified version of once-a-month cooking and really fill it, but I haven’t had the time for that, either. I’m settling for making just a little too much of something that will freeze well, and doing that in disposable plastic thingies. I found some good ideas here. She’s a lot more organized than I am. Below is my off-the-top of my head list of ideas (or things I have in the freezer). Here’s another good idea site (there are a zillion of them out there. Be prepared to have this become a time-suck in the research phase).

  • Chili
  • Soup Beans
  • Spaghetti Sauce
  • Enchiladas
  • Pulled Pork
  • much more…

I really need to go through my cookbooks and talk to the First Reader about dishes like this we would both like. Pork and sauerkraut is a staple here, it’s so easy to do. I’ve also been making and freezing things like cookie dough and zucchini bread (it’s time for another batch of kolaches, those never last long!). It probably won’t prevent fish for breakfast, but it will help a little. Better than fast food, at any rate.

First Reader’s Fish Patties

  • one can of salmon or mackerel
  • sleeve of saltines
  • egg

Open the can, dump in a bowl, with the saltines and egg. Crush the crackers and mix thoroughly until they are moistened. Fry at 350 on griddle until well browned on the bottom, flip and fry on other side until well-browned. He likes onion in it, but was afraid I wouldn’t like the onion. For the record, Honey, I don’t like raw onion, cooked is yummy.

Simple as anything, and he has fond memories of it from childhood. This is about the only way he’ll eat fish, too. Funny how we imprint on things like this. Mom used to make tuna noodle casserole, and once in a great while I’ll get a hankering for it. But I have no inclination to ever do baked salmon again, although I like it other ways. Just eaten that one too many times!


fish fry
Fish fresh from the brook… someday I will have time to fish again. No idea when!