Five minutes

Ok, maybe ten. It’s not that I need to get in to work early, it’s that I really enjoy that quiet hour when I’m alone in my office. Paperwork, training, just put in my earbud and cruise through it with very little interruptions. Except the printer (which is also in my office) ‘talks’ to itself unexpectedly, and that one guy from production comes in humming to himself. But otherwise, blissful aloneness! 

It’s almost like that at home as I type this. Two kids are asleep, one has already left for work, courtesy of the First Reader giving her a lift. The ac is purring and I’m writing stream-of-consciousness into the blog. Because I miss blogging. I have no brain to spare for it, but still there’s a gap in my life where it used to be. I’m hoping that if I can come up with semi-cogent bon mots (this is not one of them, I assure you) I can slide back into it again. Because I want to. 

Then again, I want to do a lot of things, and I’m not sure how they are all possible. They are, I firmly maintain. Some of them just might have to wait a while. Like… until I retire (again). My brain just keeps leaping on new ideas with a squeal of glee and an internal “Shiny!” and it’s really hard to smack it on the nose and say ‘no! down girl! bad brain, trying to overdo again’ in an attempt to at least slow it down. 

I am writing fiction. Some days faster than others, but wordcount is happening. I’m hoping it’s like the exercise. I’ve gone from one mile hikes taxing me, to looking forward to three miles and not being utterly wasted at the end of them. Words, writing, is a lot like building muscle. The more you do, the more you can do. 

And that’s ten minutes. I have to stop here. But it is 300+ more words than had I not stopped and made the time. I’ll take it. 

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