Food Coma

But wait, you say, it’s not the big day yet! 

No. No it is not. However, at work we had a Thanksgiving potluck, which was first of all: awesome. There was laughter, way too much very good food from at least three cultures, and plenty of Spanglish to make the conversation extra joyful. Secondly, ow. I hurt myself eating too much. I know better! But I couldn’t help myself. There was a smoked turkey, and a Columbian potato salad, and eggrolls and then there was pecan pie… Oof. So yum. So full. 

Tomorrow, on the day of Thanks, we plan to keep it quiet and low-key. It will just be the First Reader and I, as the Little Man has gone down to visit his sisters in their city 4 hours drive away. He doesn’t get back until Tuesday. The First Reader and I are going to have ourselves a little honeymoon. We’ve been looking forward to this time. Eight months apart and now? I shall draw the curtain, and only say we will be relaxing, sipping coffee, and talking. I’m going to back off social media in spite of the temptation to watch what the anthology is doing (is there a review yet? DO they like it? Are we still best sellers?). I have a four day weekend and I’m going to make the most of it. 

Sometimes you just get to eat until you’re full, and then some. Because life is delicious.