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Force Field Spider

This is a story from four years ago. Sometimes life with teens is richly rewarding in deeply peculiar ways. I miss my girls at the same time I am SO proud of them for being independent.

So the story behind the spider in its personal forcefield I was told as I’m getting up one morning. The First Reader got up first, and went out of our room to find a very excited teenager in a towel and pyjamas, telling him that she’d discovered a spider in the shower!

She screamed! her brother put in.

But then, because she knew Mama might want to take pictures, she caught it and put it on the table 😀 and she thoughtfully provided the eight -legged fiend with an observation dome in the shape of a beaker we use as a drinking glass.

LOL! I love my family. This was far from the only time we have a strange story involving the kids helpfully providing me with invertebrate photographic models.

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3 thoughts on “Force Field Spider

  1. Brother putting a spider into the shower?

    Never happened in my family.

    Now picking up a grasshopper by its hind-legs and showing it to Baby Sis? 😈

    Did you know that a grasshopper that has eaten tomato leaves looks like it is chewing tobacco? 😈

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