Four years

Four years ago I was three weeks late with my third child and very ready for her to come. I was only in labor for six hours, and we thought the midwife, who lived an hour away, wouldn’t make it in time – she got there 45 minutes before the baby was born. Four years ago we welcomed Philippa Rose Spitz into the world with tears of joy and prayers of thanksgiving. She had a little brown fuzz on her head, and sleepy blue eyes. Today she is articulate, ready to start reading, and loves her three stuffed unicorns named Bob (yes, all three – girly Bob, Bob, and Mama Bob), and Cinderella. She has an imaginary friend named Fedora (she picks the names, not me!) and she will occasionally come to breakfast as him. She doesn’t just march to the tune of a different drummer, she has her own personal band.

Happy Birthday, Pippa

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