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Picking up the thread of Peter Grant’s blog on vacations yesterday, and harking back to David Pascoe talking about writing with an infant in arms, I thought I would touch on techniques to keep productive around the day job. Or in my case, the day jobs and the school. Admittedly, most of my writing this last year has happened while I was on a break, and could sit and write all day (or until my First Reader dragged me from the keyboard to walk the dog and eat). And I am planning to write one, and possibly two, novels during my upcoming winter term break, because I’m not making much forward progress this semester.

However, not everyone has the ability to take a break and write. I worked for years with little ones and a home office, and vacation? What’s that? Yet I still managed to write here and there. Even now, with the demands of school, I am managing a bit of writing here and there (most in this one class, where the ‘teaching’ consists of having ppt slides read at us). It’s not ideal, but it is better than not writing at all.

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