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Free Story and More…

I now have a Goodreads Author page. Not sure what I’m going to do with it. Ideas?

Plant Life is free for 24 hours only! In Amazon’s infinite wisdome (not really, but there are days…) the system would only let me do one day. So get it fast, even if you won’t have time to read it until later. It is only available in a single edition at this time.

And my weekly post at Amazing Stories Magazine is up, albeit a day late. I wrote oddly… not a surprise to you all, I would think. I was tired, and did a brief pastiche of thoughts and an old blog post.

I think that’s it. Not much progress in the writing department, as the house projects keep unraveling from one project into three. It has to obey the laws of entropy eventually, right? I did succeed in assembling and filling all my bookshelves. Which means I need another one. LOL

Cedar Sanderson
This was at the reading and signing last month.