So I’m standing in the shower trying to warm up. And it crosses my mind: do the undead feel cold? I mean, if I couldn’t get warm again because I was a vampire or something, I would be totally miserable. I’d have to get one of those constant-heat water heaters, take long showers, wear battery-operated socks, shove handwarmers down my pants. Brrrr… 

Can you imagine the office temperature wars with vampires in some of the cubes? The temperature swings would be epic. Or the space heaters would get bigger. 


6 thoughts on “Frosty

  1. Are the undead subject to deleterious effects of nuclear radiation? If not, I could so see them attracted to working in ‘hot’ zones that are also thermally hot. Though becoming radioactive themselves might present a new (set of) problem(s).

    1. and if they can’t feel pain, plunging into say, a thermal pool in search of new bacterial species to improve biological techniques (it’s how the species we use for PCR came about, or at least that’s the story I’m telling myself) would be a cool job. Until bits start falling off for being overly well cooked at least.

  2. Vampires in an office?

    I’d think breathers would have bigger problems that fighting over the thermoset. 😈

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