Getting ready for School

We have two very excited little girls here who are looking forward to Wednesday, when one of them is officially a first-grader and the other is a second-grader. Pippa, of course, is at home with her brother and I, but we are going to do kindergarten together, because she is already teaching herself to read and write – she can write her own name, and she did a pretty good job of writing Nana the other day (she says to me about a lowercase ‘a’ Mama, it’s a turtle with a tail)

Johann is off and walking! He took his first steps on Thursday, and now his sisters take his hands and walk him all over the house, both of them pleased as punch. He is such a sweet little guy. When he first gets up in the morning, he likes to snuggle for a while before he starts to play. He talks to us, but he can’t speak much English yet, so we have to interpret 🙂

Well, the house is stirring and we are going to take all three girls for haircuts early this morning, so I am off to make breakfast and coffee.


One response to “Getting ready for School”

  1. I, too, have three rather excited children here. The boys are off to high school in the morning; Miss Rachel starts on Wednesday. I would love to know what language Johann is speaking – as long as it’s not clicks and clacks I think we’ll figure him out soon enough! Can’t wait to see him walk to the door to greet me!