Good Reason

I have been struggling to maintain my daily wordcount, and I hadn’t gotten around to posting my progress for Sarah Hoyt’s 13 weeks to a Novel series, because I have been up to my eyeballs in studying. I have four (technically five, but I did the work for the fifth class last semester) classes this semester, and it is challenging me. This is my second try at college, the first time I stopped short of a degree to get married and have kids. Now, fifteen years later, I’m trying again. I’ll get it done, I’m stubborn!

Cedar Sanderson, College textbooks
The books I spend most of my time with, these days.

I’m not going to stop writing, it just might slow me down a bit. So, this week Sarah talked about plotting for the novel, and how differently every writer approaches this. I am a pantser, generally, but with Pixie Noir I did write down some general plot points, to keep my story arcs on track, and also to give myself an idea of how long the finished story will be. When I started writing it, I was thinking short story, now I see it will be at least a short novel. I’m not going to share what I did, as it will be major spoilers for the finished work. 🙂

In the meantime, I have a math exam, a practical exam on the muscles of the body, and all the other sundry homework for classes to prepare for. Pixie Noir is at 13700 words right now, and I’m writing about 800 words every other day. If I can get the next scenes to gel in my head, I can power through a lot of word quickly, and hopefully today I will make that happen – I have an hour budgeted out of my time to write.