Grampa’s Buzzys

The early blueberry bush is in bloom. The bees will pollinate this bush full of flowers and turn it into berries for us. The seedling apple behind the house is blooming, too. This tree sprang up from a dropped apple many years ago, it wasn’t cultivated at all, but it still has sweet fruit.
Dad checking on the bees.
The tan lump at the lower corner of the hive tool is a queen cell. This nucleus hive is small, but trying to grow their own queen, as they do not have one now.
The bees were very calm this evening. Also, if you look at the comb in the foreground you will see the nectar they have spent all day gathering. It is hard to see – a little glint in the combs.

I caught Dad checking on his bees tonight. He’s got a few hives this year, and bought some more nukes (nucleus hives). I think he plans to take them up to Toad Hall to pollinate the orchard soon. Johann met “Grampa’s buzzys” a couple of weeks ago – he was stung on the arm so now he stays away!