Graphite on Paper

At the beginning of this drawing class, we learned that drawing is making marks on paper. The marks we were making in this first half of the semester were specifically graphite on paper. Tomorrow I turn in my portfolio and receive a critique of the work I’ve been doing. I have no idea how that will go. But as part of it, we’ve been keeping a sketchbook in which we were to make (among other things) drawings of 10 everyday objects. Here are a few of mine.

I find myself wanting to tell a story with every drawing. Not about it, but with it.

Dirty Laundry Drawing


pinecone drawing


pencil drawings-5


pencil drawings-6


pencil drawings-7


2 responses to “Graphite on Paper”

  1. Your blog loaded INSTANTLY today! Did you do something different?

    Do only art students take the class, or anybody who is interested?

    And I want to read the stories that go with the drawings. Please?

  2. I’ve been working on the backend of the blog to streamline some things, and I removed a plugin that seems to have cause the bulk of the problem. Thanks for letting me know it’s working!

    This class is part of the college semester, the Drawing I is worth three credit hours and it is quite challenging. There’s another class that is basically for letting people who want to draw get some instruction, but this one is very technical, which is perfect for me.

    And the stories… will have to wait a little. Until the exams are over at least!