Happy Monday


I’m sitting here, holding my socks in one hand and coffee in the other… how am I typing, you ask? Well, I keep putting my socks down and sipping my coffee and touching the keyboard and repeating it all very very quickly. 

Not really. It just feels like that after this weekend. You know it’s been a busy one when you are looking forward to going to the Day Job to get away from it all for a few hours. Let’s see… We celebrated the Ginja Ninja’s 20th birthday. I still can’t believe she’s that old. I’m not that old. How can my little strawberry-blonde dumpling be all grown up and adulting already? I got to cook a fun meal for her, the family, and her sweetie, and it was a good time. Next year, if all goes to plan, it’ll be a phone call. Sigh. 

the Ginja Ninja a few years ago with a baby goat in Oregon at her grandma’s house

Sometimes I think ‘that’s the last time…’ and it’s rough. It’s ok, but the transitions are a little choppy to navigate. 

Other than that, my weekend was busy because, well, I was working. And not only on writing. I had started a facebook group for my art persona, Cedarlila Art, recently. It was deeply gratifying to do so, as I’d been asked to create a place where people could see my art, and buy my art. As a consequence, all those beautiful people have me busier than ever creating to fulfill commissions and orders. It’s… wonderful. A little overwhelming, but so very encouraging. 
I do art every day, and that wasn’t initially anything more than a hobby. I sold a little here and there, enough to pay for it. And now… I don’t know. I’m looking for POD sites that will allow me to get prints to customers who don’t want or need original art, but won’t require me to invest the time, money, and space to have boxes full of prints lying around. I am still not going to be doing cons. I literally have no time for it. Not with a Day Job and spending my weekends creating and doing any family things I need to do. Which are only going to increase… 
We are homeschooling the Little Man this year. He’s excited, I’m nervous. But the school couldn’t make up it’s mind, and I still don’t know, five days before school was originally scheduled to start, if we would have in-person classes in September when it is now scheduled to start. The school district has been waffling, and the County has said ‘no school in buildings!’ and the Little Man did horribly last spring when he was suddenly dumped into an online-only environment. So we filed with the school district, after he and I created his curriculum, and he has already started his studies. One of the things he an I plan are field trips, no less than one a month, on, you guessed it, weekends. 
So yes. It’s Monday. I’m happy to see it. But now, I’m going to go refill the coffee that has magically disappeared even though I’m typing, and pack something for lunch. 
Onward! Upward! and Deeper In! 

5 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. The things you have to do are definitely changing; in fact, they serve as the best measure of time passing. Like you, I have pictures of my kids when they were littler doing cute things (I even think one of the pics is of them with a goat), and those pics give me a twinge when I look at them now. And, by the way, the pic of the Ginja Ninja gave me that twinge. But, they grow, have their own things they have to do, and we swap baby-raising for driving-to-activities to packing-for-college in the blink of an eye.

    But, having things to do NEVER, EVER stops. There is a reason for that.

    You see, “Things I Have To Do” is definitely not a solid, nor a liquid; it’s not even a concept. It’s a gas, because:
    TIHTD have neither definite shape nor definite volume. They expand to the size of their container (which is my life).
    TIHTD are fluid, and flow easily; right now, TIHTD are flowing over the edge of my desk, my bedside table, and my reloading shed.
    TIHTD have low density, unless compressed. In that case, TIHTD gets hotter, and may explode
    TIHTD diffuse (mix and spread out) and effuse (travel through small holes). The TIHTD is inextricably mixed with the TIHTD of my gift-from-God, happily-ever-after trophy wife Vanessa, the elegant, foxy, praying black grandmother of Woodstock, GA. And, JUST when we thought we could breath a sigh of relief, the raccoons moved into the attic. And TIHTD effused (although the raccoon holes were NOT small!)

    I’m busy ALL THE TIME, and I’M retired! I look back, and wonder how did I ever manage to go to work M-F, AND go to college and grad school? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Hermione Granger’s time-travel device, since I earned my last degree in 1996, and Harry Potter hadn’t burst onto the literary scene then.

    I think the trick was :
    “…holding my socks in one hand and coffee in the other… putting my socks down and sipping my coffee and touching the keyboard and repeating it all very very quickly. ”

    Peace be on your household.

  2. I read the photo caption and realized that “a few years ago” has changed as I age.
    It used to mean years in the single digits, and now it might mean a couple of decades.
    Maybe there is a graduated scale ranging from “a couple of years ago,” to “a few years ago,” and then “some time ago,” all the way up to the far distant past, “when I was your age.”

    PapaPat nailed it about both about being retired and the infinite flexibility of the TIHTD list.

  3. Yesterday, my “memories” feature brought up a video of “look, I can crawl!” baby discovering mirrors.

    He’s now sitting on the couch doing pre-reading lessons on a learning website.

  4. Time gets put on a logarithmic scale as you age. And I will be buying Cedarlilii art as the budget allows.

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