Last month I did a no-ink drawing challenge, N’Inktober. This month I am looking forward to color! I asked friends and fans to contribute their favorite colors, and added those to the surplus prompt words (and phrases) I was given for the October challenge. This I then translated to hexadecimal, and that into colors using Affinity photo’s hex color picker. 

This is going to be fun! 

Huevember Prompts Hues Hexadecimal code
Mystery Hot pink ff2bcc
Maroon Bells (Banff) Bright Purple b900f3
Koala Aubergine 4f2152
Camel Goose turd green 7e8a37
Responsibility Turquoise and coral 06b8b9, f09d8a
Palm Tree Hunter green 0.006339
Birth Bright blood Red and Burgundy ce0018, 6c403e
Snoring Michigan Blue 2c3e6d
Roots Air Force Blue 00308f
Character Sky blue/ pink 8bb9dd/ffaaaa
Gone Royal Blue 154c87
Floating Bright spring green a8cb43
Rain Sunset purple 765278
Leaves Caribbean Blue 1ac1dd
Sword Squirrel kidney red 9e6453
Flight Emerald Green 0.086522
Sorcery Amethyst bd97cf
Cookbook Fuschia shock bd066a
Socks Slightly translucent dark royal blue 3b3d64
Water Red to blue e71837/ 0e4bef
Spitoon Walnut brown 5d432c
Dragon Aquamarine 89cfaf
Faerie Light cadmium red d82429
Charlatan Bright orange ff7b00
Waiting Autumn colors 513b4b, fe9150, 8a3d36
Hiding Dark Prussian blue and Periwinkle 0.000031, 97a3da
Joy Teal 0.007281
Storms Royal purple 562f7e
Velocipede Kelly green 238a64
Knot-Bees Black . 010101
As with last month, you can follow the daily updates with my Instagram, which also shows at the foot of the blog, or in my art group on Facebook. 
But here is day 1: 


Hot Pink Mystery