I am Necessity

You know, the Mother of Invention?

in other news,

Long, tired day today. I am still recovering from the efforts of this weekend, and assorted other stresses.

I finally went into the girl’s room today and cleaned it out. It had gotten bad in there, and they were beyond their ability to put it straight. I ended up cleaning out two big black trash bags and one white trash bag full of toys to go to the thrift shop and two big black bags full of trash – mostly broken toys, papers, and their fan. Yes, their fan. They had a window fan, and decided it would be interesting to stick a spoon into it. Several times. I found that it hand broken blades, and one side no longer ran at all. I don’t know what to do with them sometimes. But their room is neat – they have been allowed one lovey each to sleep with, and their closet is neatly organized – albeit still quite full of toys.

Johann is getting too mobile for comfort. He can hoist himself out of his exersaucer with his arms until he is on the tray, then slither over to the couch. I found this out Saturday, when I left the room for a minute to go to the bathroom. Ay-yi-yi. I can only put him into his crib now if I have to leave him alone for a minute. Nowhere else can hold him, and I am not ready to give him free run of the house. None of our rooms, besides the kids room, are laid out to be able to use a gate easily. That is what I did with Glady and Juliet – blocked off the living room in the Hillsboro house and let them putter about. I can’t remember what I did with Pippa.

The Summer Reading show is going smoothly. This is so good – normally the fist couple of shows turn up a myriad of problems that only appear in front of a live audience and require adjustment. I sewed the grass skirt to its backing (it goes on one of the tables he works off of), shortened the strap on the big carrying bag, and made the cover for a prop into an ‘envelope’. For the day after the first show, this is good. We’ll see how tonight goes.

Speaking of which, Phil will be home soon. I need to get him some dinner. The rest of us ate already – Chicken drumsticks, rice, and watermelon – yum!

3 thoughts on “I am Necessity

  1. LOL! I know what gets into them — they are children! 🙂 Just like their mom used to be! (Just a little grandmotherly gloating here, since I DID say, when you gave me problems, that I hoped you would have a dozen children just like you!!! 🙂 ) Seriously, the only way to help them improve in their ‘housekeeping’ is supervision, and I know you already have your plate full. Can Phil help out a bit there? Maybe with his feet up? love, Mom

  2. I can’t help but LAUGH! I’m soo sorry Cedar…remember I’m the mother of two boys that were pretty close in age! Sam was the climber; Brian, our nudist. The jury is still out on Miss Rachel. Just make notes for when they all grow up and THEIR kids do these weirdo things!! THEN we can all have a great big old laugh!!

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