Cover Art

I am Writing

I am writing a LOT, for me, going for 4000 words again today, I did it yesterday! Problem is I keep getting distracted by things like the dog, and baking, and… Why, yes, I am trying to write a difficult scene, why do you ask?

I also got distracted by this blog, which you have got to admit is hilarious, and it inspired me to delve into my personal library a bit for some exemplars. I weeded the collection at a small public library almost single-handed in the last couple of years, and I can attest that titles just like these lurk in your local library, too! Now, there’s a fun field trip! Go to your library, rummage around (most likely in non-fiction, or the biography sections, they get weeded the least for some reason) and see what horrors lurk there!

Or just, you know, find a book to read. I miss my library job some days, it was delightfully quirky and challenging in odd ways.

So here are some of the weirder covers in my collection. Oh, and need I say? I don’t plan on weeding these Jewels in the Rough!

James Hogan
I’m not sure what this guy is doing… and although it’s a book about time travel, I think this was meant to be futuristic when it was published. Just sayin!
Terry Pratchett
I adore Terry Pratchett’s books, so when I stumbled over some hard-to-find hardbound editions in a used bookstore I snatched them up. But you have to admit the cover is pertty bad.
Secret Sea
No… Just, no. I think I picked this up off a free stack for the sheer horrified fascination at the concept of the Nautilius in space.
Donne Berhardt
A stanza of a truly Alaskan poem.
Tent in Tok
This one’s a sentimental keeper from my childhood. Now, that was self-publishing!