I have been on Facebook too much

To keep up here, too, but I wanted to say more today, so I’m back to this. Funny how that works. I have a lot to say, but normally I don;t have the time to sit down and write it out. Heck, even today I don’t really have time, I’m just in a chatty mood. The kids are having breakfast, cinnamon toast and malted milk, and Phil is still asleep. He’s such a night owl sometimes, and I feel badly about going up to bed without him in the evening, but I can’t stay up that late.

We’ve had a busy week. Last Saturday and Sunday both we had gigs, Saturday was Bradford Family Fun day, always a favorite of ours, and Jordan’s Walk for Wishes, a Make-A-Wish event. Sunday was an oddity, a solo gig for me. I facepainted for three hours for a Kidney Foundation Walk-A-Thon at Fishercat Stadium. Lovely day, and I was set up overlooking the field, so it was a very nice setting.
We’re in the middle of switching Mr. Phil to a new look. We plan to keep the weskit, but go to colored oxford-style shirts under it, and a hand-tied bow tie. Yesterday I found some lovely shirts for him – on sale, even, and we ordered his bow ties. I need to call the seamstress today and set up a new weskit or two to be sewn. I normally cut, and she puts them together. I just don’t have time.
The kids are in full school mode. Glady is in the band this year, and has chosen the trumpet as her instrument, much to her father’s delight. She is practicing upstairs, away from the rest of us, but it still sounds like a dying moose has taken up residence at our house. She has potential, though.
Dad is gone most of the time since Aunt Pam is in town and his brother will be arriving in a few days. They took the kids on Sunday, and went to visit the Miniature horse farm Pippa had gone to earlier this summer. It has been different, putting the kids with a real babysitter for a change. Also makes us appreciate how much money Dad saves us when he sits for us!
I feel like the house is actually clean for a change, and we got a new (well, to us, anyway) couch last week, so the living room looks nice. Amazing how having a clean house makes me feel so good. Now all I have to do is finish the upstairs!
The kids are about ready to go out for the school bus. I’m going to put pictures up on facebook, so look there for them!


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  1. I had to chuckle when I read about the "dying moose" sound. Reminds me of when I took cornet lessons in high school. I was told to practice for an hour every evening (and how can you learn if you don't practice?) We lived in a small house, and my big brother didn't like what he heard, so he would turn the radio on, then turn the volume higher and higher. So I started to do my practicing outdoors, and terrorized the neighbors with the un-melodious screeching of the cornet.