Before you hurt me, there’s two reasons for that. One, for the last decade or so, I’ve worked non-traditional hours, so Monday tends to be my day off (for relative dfinitions of ‘off’). Second, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I get the whole list of webcomics I enjoy…

Cedar Sanderson, geek
“Stand Back, I’m going to try Science!” shirt I got from Mystik Waboose a while back.

So that’s what today is, me sharing my morning funnies with you. I look at the daily ones with my coffee, and breakfast if I remember I need food, every morning as I wake up.

Daily Webcomics:

Schlock Mercenary – space opera, funny, insightful, I have the rule 37 poster hanging over my desk. “There is no ‘overkill.’ There is only ‘open fire’ and ‘time to reload.’”

Wapsi Square – Silly fantasy stuff, golems, girls, and mayan calendar breaking.

Day By Day – This one took a while to grow on me, I’m not a huge fan of political cartoons. But it has characters I enjoy…

Questionable Content – I must admit, reading this one is like watching life in a foreign country.

Sluggy Freelance – I’d left this for a long time, Bun-bun wasn’t around, and it wasn’t funny or interesting as the story meandered. But the new storyline looks promising and hey, Bun-bun and Kiki!

M-W-F Comics:

Freefall – I love the characters, Florence, Sam, and the robots… and the story is good, while making me laugh on a regular basis.

Girl Genius – The only steampunk thing I really like. I want to get Pippa into this, to be inspired by Agatha to become the best mad scientist she can be!

The Whiteboard – yes, I really like Mad Scientists. This comic is frequently hilarious.

XKCD – The geek’s comic. Often funny, but makes me have to think in the morning and warm my brain up. See the picture above. 😉

Intermittent Comics:

Sequential Art – I have no idea if this guy has a schedule, so I just check in occasionally. The story is worth following, with mad scientist (what did I tell you?) foxes and little stick figure guys who between them could level the world – and might, in a fit of absent-mindedness.

Comics I miss include Sheldon and the promising Drive, both by Dave Kellet. He’s shelved them in favor of a movie project, maybe in time they will come back. I was just starting to really get into Drive.

Now… this Monday, I have an exam to get to. Enjoy, and share your favorites! LOL – not that I need more!