I owe, I owe…

Not money, per se, but time, and attention, and… 

I’d promised at least three updates a week on the blog, and a review on Fridays. I don’t know if I’m going to manage a review for tomorrow. I have homework, and I plan a field trip that will take a large part of the day, and then that spawned a plan for the evening! 

So tomorrow I trek up to the Dayton Art Institute, to take pictures of art for a class paper. I’m thinking Japanese swords.

Then, when I was looking at their schedule, we noticed that a Greek Festival is going on next door, and my First Reader exclaimed Souvlaki! so we are going back up after he’s out of work to find Greek food for dinner. 

The long and the short of this is that while I may be having tons of fun, I likely will not have time to write a review, because, well, I haven’t read much that isn’t homework this week. And you all don’t need nor want to hear more about Hemingway, although Jose Marti’s take on 1883 Coney Island is pretty interesting. 

I have a to-read list as long as my arm (not hard, I have tiny t-rex arms) and I plan to squeeze some reading in this weekend because I have a ton of homework and I NEED brain change-ups. Oh, and my first exam is next week… sigh.

Week two of school, I feel a lot more comfortable now that I now a few people and am familiar with the campus. I don’t like (cordially loathe) one class, and the rest are varying degrees of fun. I mean, my Chem professor is the very model of a mad scientist. I found out today my Microbiology prof had a dual major in creative writing and microbiology, and we have a lot in common. I got to dance a little merengue with my Latin Lit Prof in class this evening (fun!). So school is smoothing out into something more routine. 

I hope this means more time, at least to write. Image