I’m here

I’m just writing. I took the time this weekend to read back through and create a ‘bible’ of this work in progress, as I’ll be writing the final part this week, and needed to be sure I was tying up some loose ends, and reprising others to set the whole series up.

Once that was complete, I started writing in earnest. Re-reading also made me start to grasp what I needed to write. So I’m writing. And I’m not inclined to pull my head out of the story far enough to write a coherent essay for the blog, sorry folks.

I’m back down the rabbit hole. The manuscript is at 73K words, with a projected length of 100K words. I don’t write to wordcount, so it may be a touch longer or shorter. I’m thinking longer, right now, but we’ll see how the finale plays out, and the cigarette moment.

Oh! Before you go, if you’re looking for something fun to read, check out Amie Gibbons’ latest, Psychic Undercover (With the Undead). Sweet Southern Sass, vampires, ghosts, an undercover FBI agent and psychic faces a real challenge to her new career. If you enjoy a romp of a read with a cute girl who’s packing heat and not afraid of a challenge, you’ll like this one.