I’m Lucky

My earlier posts on questionable books for young people didn’t get me the kind of abuse this woman has received. Go read her article – it’s good, and obviously she can use some support.

Here’s a quote from Megan Fox: “Page 38 of David Zimmerman’s Caring is Creepy (a book that won the 2012 American Library Association Alex Award for being relevant to teens ages 12 to 17) says,

I’m going to tear a hole in your belly button and f*** your piggy fat. I’m going to hunt you down and kill you with my c***…I’m looking at you through your webcam right now.

And the librarians will all scream together in a chorus, “CONTEXT, THERE’S NO CONTEXT! YOU’RE A BOOK BURNER!” in the exact manner of townspeople ordering a farmer’s wife to climb on the pyre because someone said she’s a witch. I really don’t care what the context is. I never ever want my teen daughter to read those words in any book, let alone one that the American Library Association (ALA) says is good for her.”

Nice to know I’m not the only mother with deep problems with fiction like that being shelved in the children’s section of the library. Like me, Megan is thinking a rating system, pretty much what we already do for movies, is a good idea.